Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Vampires for Valentine's Giveaway Hop

What could be a more perfect Valentine's treat than a dreamy, delectable and absolutely delicious vampire!
I adore vampires! From the moment I read Anne Rice (of course) at the age of 15, I have been absolutely besotted with the male and female vampires at the heart of wonderful novels, film and TV.
The creativity and spectacular imaginations of creatives who 'pluck' these amazing paranormal beings from their hearts and minds, continues to amaze, impress and inspire me.
To celebrate Valentine's Day with you, our lovely followers, I am going to treat five lucky winners to one ebook from the choice under our magical giveaway banner.
But before we skip ahead to the tantalising giveaway. Here are just a few of my favourite film and TV vampires and my favourite vampire novels. Why not compare it to your own list!


THREE lucky winners can select an Ebook from any of these amazing vampire reads below. Just fill in the rafflecopter below to enter.

A HUGE and special THANK YOU to the hop organisers Felicity Heaton, Caris Roane and H.D Thomson.


  1. i would like to read J L McCoy blood on the son

  2. The Willow Cross books sound great! Afterlife, The Dark Girl's Birthright & The Bloodstone Oracle.

  3. i would like to read J L McCoy blood on the son

  4. I love the cover of The Protectors Jared so that one.

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  5. Well I have read Blood of The Son and loved it. If I have to pick one I really don't know. I will have to think about it for a little bit.

  6. I think I'd pick either Crave or something I know nothing about like The Protectors Jared, b/c look at how Hot that cover is! lol
    Thanks so much
    Sebrina_Cassity at yahoo dot com

  7. I think I would choose Crave.

    Rafflecopter Name Dawna Newman

  8. I think i would pick Protectors Damon.

  9. A Cat's chance in Hell looks interesting.

  10. I would choose the protectors Jared because I just loved the protectors Damen! <3

  11. Hi! Thank you for the giveaway :D
    They all look great, but i think i would choose the Protectors.

  12. I would get Endless Nights, haven't had the extra money to get it yet and I really like R M Gilmore. Thank you for the chance.


  13. ooh we have similar Vampire loves ;-)

    If I win I would love a copy of Endless Nights since I haven't been able to buy myself a copy yet.

    Thank you for yet another awesome giveaway x

  14. I'd love to read Endless Night. I adore the Scene and can't wait to read more Dylan Hart :)

  15. I'd maybe choose Crave ;)

  16. I think I would like to read A cat's chance in Hell

    Thank you for the opportunity

  17. I'd pick The Scene

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. I would choose Jared.Thank you for this chance to win.Have a great week.

  19. Now this is a Blog Hop I can really sink my teeth into! I LOVE Vampire’s and when you mix them in with Romance Novels the result is intoxicating! Who doesn’t love Vampires! They are usually handsome, sometimes dark and brooding, have sexy names like Sebastian - Damien - Alexander, and they have been alone so long and searching for their Bride, so they can have that one perfect woman to love! Some of my absolute favorite Vampires are :

    Lothaire Daciano from the book Lothaire. Lothaire is sexy, wicked, confidant, and has been waiting for his Bride for Eons.

    Ian MacPhie from the book All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire. Ian is a Highland warrior and a Vampire. Sexy with an accent and a kilt.

    Sebastien Newcombe from the book Phantom Shadows. Bastien is a misunderstood and sexy badass. He just loves to push everyone’s buttons.

    Javier from the book Covet. Javier desires her above all others.

    See what I mean….I LOVE VAMPIRES!

    I would pick Damon

    1. A woman after my own heart. Love it <3

  20. I think I would prefer the "Dark Lover" series. So good!

    mestith at gmail dot com

  21. I'd probably choose Covet. Thanks!

  22. I'd most likely pick Crave.


  23. I think this is my favorite blog hop EVER!!! I love vamps!! I would have to pick Crave since I have Covet :) I plan on having the whole series because Covet was AWESOME!! Also I love your fairy graphic!
    Ashley A

  24. I would probably choose Covet, though I haven't decided for sure yet

  25. Endless Night by Dylan Hart :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  26. I would choose ENSLAVE (I love that series and that is the next one I need)


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