Thursday, 21 February 2013

Review: Marked for Vegence by S.J Pierce

Reviewer: Julia
Rating: 2.5/5
Book one of a three part fantasy/paranormal romance series, it is a debut novel for the writer and was an interesting read.

I found this book confusing at first; I didn’t understand what Alyx’s journey was about. I understood that she was a 300 year old soul, but I found her character a little to much like a stalker for my liking. I found her behaviour a little creepy. I thought that she had a slow relationship with Benjamin, and it was progressing along a naturally progressing pathway and felt very sorry for him during the unfolding relationship, yet I did understand Alyx’s reasoning behind her actions.

I found the character of Issac and his son Micah very endearing, the relationship that they had between them was very easy to read and you could feel the love and commitment they had for each other coming off of the page.

I found the plot being dragged on and found myself having to re-read previous paragraphs to make sure I had grasped what I read. I found myself wishing the plot was moving at a faster pace. I was finally rewarded during chapter 8, the pace of the book started to pick up and I enjoyed from this part of the book to the end.

Although I found this book very slow to read, I would pick up the next part to see what was happening between Alyx and Issac and see if the plot expands and explains the mysterious plot. 
Goodreads Synopsis
Alyx Rayer’s existence in Atlanta, the eternally bustling capital of Georgia, is one of routine and blending in among the worker bees. But her ‘normal’ life is actually a fa├žade for a higher calling; she's a three hundred year old soul, encased in a human vessel and sent from the darkness between heaven and Earth to capture her Marked when summoned by her superiors.

During the initial, routine stake-out of her Marked, a dream prophet named Isaac Walsh, Alyx is thrown for an emotional loop when his allure captivates her heart from two rooftops away. The event marks the very instance when her sense of what’s right and what’s wrong is brutally challenged as her contact with him is strictly forbidden.

While already trapped between honor and desire, her emotional struggles are further challenged by a man in a black suit who continually pops up when she least expects it, his presence evoking a strange response from the scar she was branded with at birth. The scar tingles like a warning beacon, alerting her that something is amiss. Because her superiors never told her what this would mean, or much of anything except what to do when they summon, she can only conclude to try and keep her sanity, and her life, from completely shattering to pieces.

This engaging first book of the series is a Paranormal Romance novel interlaced with twists, turns, and thrilling suspense that is sure to satisfy readers of any genre.

May not be suitable for YA.
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