Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review: Dangerous by C.B. Cole

I really didn’t know what to expect from Dangerous by C.B. Cole, and what I got was a pretty awesome read. I know some of us are diehard YA fans, and even though it does fall in that category, with the PG-13 content and young age of 19 for our main characters; I still found myself forgetting how young they were.

The story flow was a little choppy with flashbacks in the beginning, but by midway through, the story smooths out to present day. And for those of you who love a good love-triangle, well C.B. even works one of those in for you!

Overall I really liked this book and the ending was a favorite for me, she gave the feeling of conclusion while leaving a squeak of an opening for book 2.

I’m giving it 3.95 on the fairy scale because it not quite up to my 4, but definitely more than a 3.5.  

Goodreads Synopsis
18 year old Rainey Riley owns her own home, has a great job with the swollen bank account to prove it and the best boss in the world. Some people would kill to have her job, but Rainey kills to keep it.

Asher taught Rainey everything she knows. He taught her how to find a mark, focus on her target and eliminate the threat like a professional, using only the tools God gave her. He was a good partner, a great teacher and a crappy boyfriend and now he is gone. Two years later, after a break-up of epic proportions and a few emotional scars that promise never to heal, Rainey is struggling to make it through each day, but it’s the nights that are hell. Literally.

But when Rainey gets called on a job that should be a piece of cake, she makes one little mistake and suddenly Asher is back in her life and back in her head. Now she has to step up and get the job done right and hold on to her heart before Asher changes her life all over again.

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