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Marcy Rachel's Colorful Indie Blog Tour

Yay! We have the amazing Marcy Rachel with us today from Marcy Rachel Designs.
For those of you who don't know Marcy, you're going to discover a lot more about this talented graphic designer after reading our awesome interview with her. But also, the lovely Marcy Rachel, is actually the designer of our gorgeous Belina Bleu, Bex 'n' Books fairy!
We've known each other via good ole Facebook for several months now, and I want all of you guys to have this opportunity to get to know Marcy Rachel and what makes her creativity tic!
Throughout our post you will see a range of her gorgeous cover designs!

The Graphic Designer
In 2011, for NaNoWriMo, Marcy Rachel didn't finish what she was writing. Instead, she decided to make MOCK covers for other authors that were writing to inspire them to finish. After that, people loved what she was doing and they told her that she should sell her covers. Marcy took up on their word and now has her page Marcy Rachel Designs. Every November is a reminder of why she started doing this -- indie authors. Marcy keeps her prices very low by keeping Indies in mind. Not only does she make book covers, but also design other things.

Marcy takes pride in her work and will work with you until you are satisfied with the art.  It's always been said "Don't judge a book by its cover" and, although this is very true, a nice book cover can catch the eye of more readers.  Marcy will always use her skills to her highest to provide you with the best cover she can possibly give you so you can be satisfied. Along with being a freelance designer, working for anyone who needs a great cover, Marcy Rachel is also the official graphics designer of AltWit Press.

About Marcy, From Marcy-
“Since my teenage years, I always liked to look at paintings and sculptures. I loved visiting museums. When I went to college, I enrolled as Chemistry major due to lack of knowledge about degrees and programs offered. I failed Chemistry and moved to Business Administration, where I finished my degree as an Administrative Assistant. While in college, I found out that I could’ve pursue a degree in arts but it was already too late. When I was doing my internship, I discovered a TV show that I loved. I met other fans and learned about fan fiction and graphic design. This was my first encounter with graphic design and video editing and I loved it. I started doing it and taught myself some Photoshop and Movie Maker and I’ve been doing it ever since. Supporting the amazing indie community, whether it be a book cover design, a banner, a logo or even a bookmark is my constant ambition. They are the reason that I now I have my “indie business”, Marcy Rachel Designs.

So this is me, Marcy Rachel, providing just a little insight into how I was inspired and why I design.”
Hi Marcy, you know I’m a great fan or your work. Design after design, your skill never fails to astound me. I am constantly in awe of your cover designs, that are always so fresh and engaging skills. Thanks for taking the timeout to answer a few questions. Hopefully, our lovely followers will also be able to discover a little bit more about you and how awesome both you and your work are!

Bex: How would you describe your design style? 
Marcy: I am not sure how I would describe it.  I know that I like dark colors and I love gothic styles (though I don’t enjoy skulls too much) and grunge (refer to ‘The Clockwork Dragon’ book cover).  However, it’s important that I can put my own preferences to the side sometimes in order to provide the client with something they like.  Like, I recently worked with someone who doesn’t like white lettering.  That was something I had never encounter before but I worked with it and it was just fine.  I also put together a blog for another client and I thought the color scheme was great, but she hated it.  In the end, I made it work and now she loves it.

Bex: When did you first start designing? What initially triggered your imagination and inspired you?
Marcy:  Back in 2006 I was ‘obsessed’ with this Canadian TV show called “Instant Star.”  It’s about a teenager that wins an American Idol-style competition and what happens afterwards.  I love music, so I was engaged.  I think it was the first time that I actually LOVED a TV show that much.  So, I started getting online and looking up the show.  I found what I then learned were “forums” and they had “fan fiction” and I was amazed. Then, I noticed that on some of the author’s signatures, they had this image representing their story.  I later learned this was a “banner.”  Some of them were AMAZING and I started asking around how to make these things (because I wanted to make my own).  I met this girl from Canada who knew how to make some and she told me that I needed a photo editor program, and that’s when I learned what Photoshop was.  I became part of this forum called “Instant Star Struck” and I started making things for them.  I downloaded the trial version of Photoshop and the things I made were atrocious (to me).

Eventually, I kept practicing and my designs turned better and better until I was able to make things like this:

And then people started asking me to make banners for their fanfiction stories!  Then, years later, I met some people over at NaNoWriMo who later encouraged me to start making covers and other designs.

Bex: Your current Facebook page appears to be your main platform for showcasing and promoting Marcy Rachel Designs, why did you decide Facebook was the way to go?
Marcy: Because it was the easiest way.  Everyone has a Facebook nowadays and I figured it was one of the easiest ways to contact people and let people know about me and what I do.  I personally don’t like Facebook, and I do not have a personal account, but it’s a must for what I do, if you ask me.  I finally found the time to finish up my website, though and I’m really excited about it.

Bex: Talk us through your design process from conception to finish.
Marcy Rachel's Colorful Indie Blog TourMarcy: Wow! This is a hard question.  Every process is different.  I work very close with every client and everyone is unique.  Some people give me full creative control, so I start asking questions about what colors they like, what font types they like and, as important, what they do not like.  Then I start looking for pictures and imagining what can I do with this or that.  Eventually there will be a picture that will trigger something in my head and I’ll be like “I can do this with that!” And then I go crazy trying to make it work! LOL!

Some other times, however, the client knows what they want, so I just try to do what they ask me and if I see it can’t work or I can’t make it work, I let them know and suggest other options.

Bex: If there is one thing that you learned since you started designing that you wish you knew when you first started out – what would that be?
Marcy: Everything! I mean, I didn’t go to school for graphic arts or anything. I’m self-taught.  I’m sure if I went to school for this, I would be a lot better than I am right now!  But, on the other hand, I take pride in saying that I taught myself what I know – I think it’s more respectable.

Bex: What are some of your favourite things to do outside of designing?
Marc y: I love watching TV shows (Breaking Bad, Big Bang Theory, Dexter, etc.) and movies.  I collect Johnny Depp movies on DVD.  I also like music and reading, but I haven’t really had time to do those cause I have too much to do lately! LOL  When I was in college, I took a basic drawing class and years later I took a very basic photography class through a Government program.  I would love to do those again, as a hobby, but they are time consuming and if I have like a design I have to finish, I get stressed about it until it’s done and I can’t concentrate on anything else.  Oh, and I’m obsessed with Johnny Depp.

Bex: Can you share with us a few of your recent projects?
Marcy: I recently created the paperback cover design for ‘Christian in Training: A 40 Day Devotional’ by Pauline Creeden, the paperback for ‘The Difference Between Night and Day’ by Melissa Turner Lee, and I made a Facebook cover design for Christian Fiction for Your Kindle.  I’m currently working on the paperback cover design for ‘Armored Hearts’ by Melissa Turner Lee and Pauline Creeden, but that’s been kept a secret for now, LOL.  -- Not to mention I designed the banner for this tour, LOL.

Bex: What other book designs have inspired you? Have you ever though “wow, I wish I had designed that!”?

Marcy: Actually, the ones that I love, I just admire.  I don’t wish I had done them because they are so awesome to begin with.   It’s more like some are not so good and I wish I could re-design them!

Bex: If you could redesign any ‘classic’ book cover, which would it be and why?

Marcy: Hmmm… Tough.  Maybe the Twilight covers?  Please, no one kill me.

Bex: Sum up in 50 words or less why indie authors should approach you about design.
Marcy: I was inspired by indie authors to start making book covers and I always try to help them because I know it’s financially hard for them.  I’m easy to work with and I always try to fulfill their needs to the max.

Thank you, now just enough time for a few randoms! J

Do you ever design in your PJ’s?  Sometimes.
Sleep in or get up early? Stay up late, sleep in. lol
Pet peeves? I can’t stand drama queens (and kings), people who act immaturely,  and people who are just plain rude, especially when they know they are being rude.
Cats or dogs? I love cats, their sultriness. But, who doesn’t love a cuddly puppy?!
White wine or red? I dont drink.
Coffee or tea? Neither.
Favorite food?  Puerto Rican and Italian.
Vanilla or chocolate ice cream? CHOCOLATE FOREVER!
What is a movie or TV show that you watched recently and really enjoyed?
Django Unchained – I highly recommend this movie.

Where can we STALK you?

My website:
My Facebook page:

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with us and allowing us a glimpse into your designing world.  Bex
Thanks for having me on your blog!  I had a blast!

E-Book covers start at $50! For a full list of services and prices, please visit her website!

Most cover designers only allow a few revisions.  Marcy Rachel Designs has been allowing unlimited revisions, but this takes a lot of time and it's not fair to other people she am working with simultaneously; it slows down her turn-around time for everyone.  SO, now she is offering 10 free revisions.  Additional revisions will incur in a $5.00 fee per revision.

She will be sending you drafts of the cover as you guys go along and make changes; feel free to suggest any changes you think might make the design better and she will try them!!

Most authors send a synopsis of their book and/or the first two chapters so that Marcy can get an idea of the concept to portray.  Sometimes an author will send her the whole book and allow her to scan it for exciting scenes to get her imagination going. That’s totally up to you! Some pitch in some ideas they already have so she can work with those as well.

*A note about content: Marcy does not read pornographic material in preparation for designing a cover.  (Romance novels are ok, even if it has sex scenes, but not actual pornography.) She can use images that depict artistic nudity, but none that portray hate or cruelty towards animals or people.

Marcy Rachel works as quickly as possible, often working nights and weekends to complete a commission.  If you have a deadline coming up and need a cover as soon as possible, let Marcy help you out!

Marcy Rachel Designs will supply you with two cover files for the web; one for Amazon Kindle's with the new size requirement (2500px on the long side) and a smaller size to use as thumbnail.  If you need a custom size, please let her know before work begins. She will include this file size on your package at NO cost.  When the design is final, Marcy Rachel Designs owns the rights of the final design and will use it to promote her work.  If you want full ownership of the rights, it will require an additional fee.

If you have any questions or comments for Marcy, don’t hesitate to contact her at any of the links below or e-mail her at
Twitter: @MarcyRDesigns

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