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The Gryphon Series Feature by Stacey Rourke

Where to start! So yep, I'm a self-confessed addict of everything involving this wonderful series and the Evil Genius Stacey Rourke. Aha! "Evil Genius?" I hear you cry, "Why on earth would such a wonderful author be described in such a manner?" My, oh my, where does one start when tackling such a frigging awesome bloody series with a rock star author to boot! Yep, you got it ... from the beginning!
I first stumbled upon Stacey Rourke via Facebook after a bout of pimping from Stacey and her dedicated minions, and I think along the way I won my very own ecopy of The Conduit. This was probably about two months before I actually found the time to read it. I just read back my review, and truly wish that I could reread it for the first time all over again. Sometimes, there are those very special books that have the ability to reopen our minds and hearts. One that we could read over and over again. One that we desperately wish we could rediscover for the first time again. The Gryphon Series is it!

As an English teacher, I have always been an avid reader of teenage fiction. I bloody love the stuff, but in the last couple of years, I've tended to read mainly adult fiction. Yep, I fancied something a little saucier. So, when in August 2012, I finally picked up The Conduit, it was with absolute pleasure and gratitude that I fell in love with teenage fiction all over again. Seriously, The Gryphon Series did this to me. Impressive huh!

From every book and novella in this series, The Conduit, Embrace, Sacrifice (mwah! yes I have read it - I'm that much of a stalker!) and The Sidekick Chronicles, I have never been disappointed or let down. Stacey Rourke continues to develop and push her characters as well as create amazing story lines along the way, that continue to keep me gripped, entertained and amused.

I love fantasy. Yes I'm a HUGE Pullman and Nix fan!~ And I have no reservations in putting Stacey Rourke up there with these amazing authors and series. The Gryphon Series is most definitely within my Top 5 of all time favorite YA Fantasy Series reads. Just to be clear, I'm talking about her series sharing the crown with The Inheritance Cycle, His Dark Materials and Abhorsen here, not any old tosh of a read!

I know I've yet to answer the 'Evil Genius  question', and part of me may leave it up to you guys to figure out after reading the series. Because as soon as you have, you'll understand. 
No? Too mean?

Okay, Stacey Rourke is the Queen of cliffhangers! Seriously! I love to hate her, hate to love her for this. Yes I'm confused. This amazing flipping author does this to me. I'm not talking any old wimpy attempt at a cliffhanger either. Nope I'm talking 100% frustrating as hell, but with the bloody confusing mixture of love for how she ends her books. 
To prove my point, just take a little look at this:

Yep, a real conversation from August 2012 with the Evil Genius herself. I felt that compelled to share my pleasure, or throw rocks at her, one or the other.

I haven't really offered a review of the whole series, sorry, but I thought my rant about the awesomeness of this series would suffice.
Be sure to check out my reviews of the series so far, and keep a look out for our review of Sacrifice.
Sacrifice (#3) - To follow!

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  1. Thank you for being part of the Gryphon tour. The post is great and I appreciate you joining in to help Stacey.


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