Monday, 28 January 2013

Book Tour: Ghost Diaries (Case #1 Sarah Beth Hawkins) by Willow Cross

I'm a huge fan of Willow Cross's, so when I heard that a blog tour was coming up, I think I startled her a little with my eagerness. Go figure! At every opportunity, I try to pick up one of her works, and do you know what? I have yet to be disappointed. Now that's some seriously impressive Mojo magic or simple honest to god talent! Be sure to pick up on Willow's many reads. She has such a wide and varied style and does not stick to one genre.
Check out her Amazon US or Amazon UK author page to browse through her work.
Now for our review!

Ghost Diaries (Case #1 Sarah Beth Hawkins)

This is not my usual read, and it's been a while since I've read a story in the form of diary entries. I am so pleased that I took the time out to read Willow Cross's Ghost Diaries (#1). 

Willow Cross's writing style is so beautifully crafted and appropriate in this story. It was refreshing to read a collection of well-constructed and eloquently described diary entries that were written in the style of 19th century writers. Willow Cross's manipulation of her sentence construction and vocabulary choices, provided an enjoyable read with an edgy and sinister flavour.

The construction of the plotline via diary entries worked effectively with a smooth flow and a quick pace. I would have appreciated a closer connection to the characters; there was just enough to feel as though I was able relate to them.

If you are looking for a quick read, filled with a ghostly, sinister edge, then be sure to pick up a copy of Willow Cross's Ghost Diaries (#1).
Goodreads Synopsis
While rifling through her deceased father’s belongings, a young woman named Taija Ford discovered a maze of files filled with journal entries and old letters that mention various claims of hauntings and alleged demonic possession. The oldest dating back to 1881. This particular file asserts a girl named Sarah Beth Hawkins was attacked by an unseen entity.

In an attempt to piece together her father’s previously secret life, Taija opened her own investigation into these Ghost Diaries. This is Case #1-Sarah Beth Hawkins.

The Ghost Diaries is an episodic series of short stories.

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