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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Kallos by Khelsey Jackson

Kallos Series Book #1

By Khelsey Jackson
Publication Date: January 18, 2013

Published By: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Goodreads Synopsis
Kallos is a shy sixteen year old girl unready to face the world, but when she meets Ian and Sean Hunter the world will open up for her. Secrets revealed are too much to bear and her past life as a goddess, unimaginable. In a visit from the goddess Aphrodite, Kallos is told her soul mate must be found or her life will be forfeit. Kallos, desperate to find her one true match has discovered she may have two possibilities. Kallos has a choice to make and her decisions may have life ending consequences. 
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Check out this amazing excerpt!
“We didn’t have any aftershocks,” Sean replies.
“We also didn’t have someone taking our pain. Maybe we’re causing more pain.” Ian looks concerned. She feels someone touch her right arm. She feels a cooling sensation enter her body, but the pain is still there.
“Babe, look at me,” Sean says.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Sean didn’t answer Ian.
“You can’t be serious! What if it doesn’t work? What if you do more damage?” Kallos finally looks up and notices that Sean isn’t even looking at Ian. Sean’s gray eyes are looking at her, and they have gone stormy.
“Good. Where do you hurt?” he asks her.
“My head and my whole left side” she whispers. Sean nods and puts both of his hands on either side of her head. Along with the pain, she now feels an intense pressure. It feels like he’s pushing her skull in. Kallos starts to see dark spots fill her eyes. She is just about to scream; then, she hears a loud pop. All she can see is darkness.
“Open your eyes,” Sean whispers against her ear. Kallos didn’t realize that she had shut them. Slowly, she opens her eyes, and Sean is only inches from her face. She sees Ian standing not far
behind him. He doesn’t look happy; he looks like he wants to hit something. “I’m going to put my hands on your body now.” Now, Ian’s face turns a bright red. If she didn’t know any better, she would say he’s jealous. Then, he growls when Sean starts to touch her neck on the left side. Sean hears him because she can see a grin spread across his face. “Easy, brother,” he says and chuckles.
Author Bio

Khelsey hails from the Sunshine State (California), but moved to Minnesota when she was 11 years old. Her grandmother raised her and her brother. When she was 18, she did what any sane teen would do and moved to the city of sin, Las Vegas NV. There she met her handsome husband and the rest is history. She loves to read, and will read almost anything- guess when you have read just about everything, the only next logical step is to write :)

Acidalia: The Beginning of Kallos a short story was released September 15. Sean and Ian, another short in the Kallos Series, is available on Amazon. Kallos will be coming soon from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing!
To win a set of the Kallos Series Ebooks: Acidalia Sean & Ian, Aphrodite’s Curse and Kallos simply leave a comment on this post responding to this question: Do you believe in soul mates? Why?
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  1. Do you believe in soul mates? Yes, I do.
    Why? Because, there has to be someone out there for everyone. That one person who loves you for being you even with your faults. :)

  2. Soul Mates? YES, but not for everyone. Some people go through their whole lives content with their significant other but I don't think that means they found their soul mate. I think when someone finds their soul mate it's life shattering and blissful - along with the normal hassles of everyday reality but at the end of the day you don't question it because it's all worth it just to be with your soul mate.


  3. Do i believe in soul mate? Heck yeah!
    Why? Because i have seen people that say that person is there soul mate and you can just tell how much they love each other and after many years you still feel that way is amazing and one day i hope i will find mine.

  4. Do I believe in soul mates? YES I believe that we all have our other half and we need them to feel complete! Before I found my soul mate I felt something was missing now I fill complete I don't know whole!!

  5. I do believe in soul mates, but I don't think that everyone finds theirs. There are so many people in the world that are always looking for something better, or there are others that get comfortable with one person that they think they are in love with and settle down instead of going out and actually finding their soul mate.


  6. Yes, I do believe in Soul Mates because I really do believe there is someone out there for everyone, however I don't believe we will all meet ours in our life time, which is sad.

  7. I believe in soul mates. I believe there is that one person in our lives that we are meant to be with. It would be a sad life without believing in soul mates for me. :)

    emerald_barnes (at) yahoo (dot) com

  8. Yes I do believe in Soulmates :) There are people who are just made for each other.. Do we always find ours I would say NO


  9. I am really not so sure that I do believe in soul mates, however, I do not not believe in the possiblity of them, if that makes sense. I don't think I've ever come across a "real life" soul mate example that I can look at and say "yep, they are soul mates" but I do like the stories and mythologies of soul mates. I guess you could say I'd like to believe it but I don't know that I do just yet. Also, I don't know that a soul mate would have to be love interest since in some stories or myths a soul mate can be a "twin" or best friend" type that completes you as an entity. Lol, that made more sense in my head, Hey, I'm a reader but I'm not much of a writer! I hope some of that made sense. Have a good one everybody.

    Shelly Hammond

    1. Yay, you're our winner. Congrats. I'll forward your details to the organised. Thanks for entering and following. Bex

    2. YAY!! Thank you so much!! I am really looking forward to reading these books! Thank you so much for the chance to enter and for the win :D Thank you, thank you, thank you!! :D

    3. You're most welcome. Enjoy :)

  10. Oh, and I do follow via email, but the email for that one is emmielu2005 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  11. I do and I just would love to meet mine

  12. I do believe in soul mates but I also believe you may never meet your soul mate because they could be dead, much older than you, much younger than you or live on the other side of the planet.

  13. Absolutely!!! There is that other half of your soul in the world that will complete you.

  14. I do believe in soulmates. I do think it's hard for most people to find theirs but when they do it's so worth it :)

    Email subscriber: simplyreadingAThotmailDOTcom


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