Sunday, 27 January 2013

ARC Review & Giveaway: Endless Night (Dylan Hart #2) by RM Gilmore

RM Gilmore has surpassed herself in the second installment of her Dylan Hart Series. Endless Night is somehow even edgier, more entertaining and most definitely side-splitting, tea-spitting funnier than book one, The Scene.
I pretty much had a girl crush on Dylan Hart after being blown away by her foul-mouth, no-nonsense take on life and the paranormal in book one. In Endless Night, RM Gilmore takes Dylan on a new adventure, one that has her whole belief system spinning. The author successfully and impressively leads us into a fascinating world deep in the heart of New Orleans, where we witness Dylan Hart creating enemies, getting hot and heavy, and pushing her relationships that were established in book one to the extreme.
There was not a moment that I was not completely and utterly engrossed in the storyline. The pace was phenomenally fast, with my heart kept pounding throughout the story; it was truly gripping.
RM Gilmore's fantastic first person narrative allows the reader into the scary, insightful inner workings of Dylan. The voice that RM so passionately captures through her craft is both visual and realistic. It's impossible not to want to push Tatum aside and fill her shoes as Dylan's new bff!
If you are looking for a series with a kick-ass, plain-speaking heroine, a series that is filled with an even mix of humour, tension and drama, then be sure to check out RM Gilmore's AMAZING Dylan Hart: Odyssey of the Occult. 
 Endless Night Synopsis
The bitch is back in this second installment of the series. The irreverent Dylan Hart, once again, graces us with her presence, this time from down in New Orleans. She has drug along her band of misfit vampires, but this time blood drinkers are the least of her worries. Dylan finds herself entangled in the underground world of blood and lust when she encounters a new, and much more frightening, villain. Voodoo. Who do?
Get yourself prepared for the 29th Jan, 2013 and be sure to follow RM Gilmore to keep up-to-date with release news, and grab yourself a copy of book one - The Scene!

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