Sunday, 9 December 2012

Review: Sanguinary by Emma L Edwards

If you are expecting your usual girl meets vampire, vampire chases girl, girl turns for vampire and all live happily ever after, then this is NOT it. If you are looking to be completely enthralled with a heroine and feel all of the heartache and betrayal she goes through while being so impressed with her strength and depth of character , then you better get started reading.

Angel has had an obsession with vampires since she was 13 and watched the Lost Boys with her sister. She is a young carefree aspiring writer, that until recently has been a glorified gopher at a local paper. She gets what she thinks is her big break when she is asked to infiltrate the local "Real Vampire" scene and find the truth about the recent Vampire murders in town. What she finds is so much more that she ever expected. From the minute she makes eye contact with the lead singer of the band Erebis, Ash, her life and her heart will never be the same. She is willing to sacrifice everything, including her career, for this hot heart stopping love with this obsessive dark and brooding "Vampire". Did I mention HOT lead singer VAMPIRE? 

Ms. Edwards does a fantastic job of developing the characters. Angel is such an enthralling character. She all out goes for what she wants. One scene she is so in love and "everything is coming up roses" and burning up the sheets...did I mention their love is HOT?....and the next her heart is breaking. Ash is broken and brooding and dark and absolutely wants to believe he deserves the love he has been given with Angel but he cannot accept himself. Although this story starts out a little slow, there is definitely never a dull moment after Chapter 2. It continues to build and build until you are literally smacked in the face with who the killer actually is and who this all centers around. I can tell you that I cannot wait to read Imbrued, the second in this series.
Book Synopsis 
Would you bleed for the one you love?

Angel Harris has always had a thing about vampires, but not so much the killer that is claiming victims in the city where she lives and works. The press are calling him ‘The Vampire’, because the victims are found drained of blood, with bite marks to their necks.

Ash is the lead singer in a local rock band. Angel is drawn into his world when she is asked by her boss at the local newspaper to investigate rumours of blood drinking within Ash’s band.

Ash and Angel bond on a deep level and she finds herself welcomed into this group of supposed blood drinkers.

But the body count continues to rise and Angel will soon find out that ‘The Vampire’ is closer to her than she ever would have believed. Will the writer survive to tell her story?

Sex, blood and rock n roll

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Imbrued, book 2, is now available on Amazon. Review to follow very soon! 

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