Sunday, 16 December 2012

Review: The Last Santa by Anna Whitehouse

This is an awesome tale of what you can accomplish as long as you believe! Sam, William and Suzie hear the news that the Prime Minister is abolishing Santa. Instead of idly sitting by and letting their beloved Christmas idol be packed away and forgotten, they devise a plan and mount a rescue! 

Along with the help of some Santa's most devoted elves, the children find that one of Santa's most beloved treasure keepers, Sebastian Scrimp, who is also a family member to one of the children, has turned against Santa and is influencing the Prime Minister's decision. The children face many of their fears and tackle large obstacles all in the name of what they believe. This story has many twists, turns and lots of adventure that leads children of all ages on a great holiday quest!

 Great holiday read!

Goodreads Synopsis
When the Prime Minister announces that Santa is to be abolished, Sam, William and Suzie decide that it is their mission to save him. Tracked by government men determined to stop any rescue attempt, the children travel by sleigh to Lapland, meeting some strange and comical characters on the way. But even if they rescue Santa in time for Christmas Day, how will Sam, William and Suzie defeat the menacing Sebastian Scrimp and convince the Prime Minister that Santa should stay?

A wintry adventure story for children aged 5-9. 
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