Monday, 17 December 2012

Review: Foxfire by Ditter and Dawn Montgomery

Foxfire is the result of the first collaboration between authors, Ditter and Dawn Montgomery and I must say I am ecstatic to know it is not their last! 

From the first page I was drawn in by the raw power mixed with the helplessness of the situation our hero, Shad, has immediately been thrown into. No matter what he tried to do, it was inevitable what was about to happen. That did not, however, stop me from chewing my nails wishing for a different outcome. Then I was immediately introduced to our heroine, Ayala, and she is so incredibly likable and easy to relate to that once again I found myself reading faster and faster to see what would happen next, and I was NOT disappointed. To say that our protagonists’ first "meeting" was anything less than electric would be just plain WRONG! Now if that is not enough for you, right on the heels of this comes a bad boy biker...and he is HOT HOT HOT! Then add "Just Another Little Murder" and I could not put it down!

The authors have in incredible grasp of character and plot development. Everything was written to allow the reader to feel and believe in the magic of the story. From their first encounter, Shad and Ayala burn up the pages. When Ayala's pulse is beating faster and harder as Shad places his mouth to the inside of her wrist, my heart was beating faster and faster, as well. Their attraction and subsequent love is steamy, dreamy and EXPLOSIVE!!! The secondary characters are written just as well and introduced so flawlessly making me pace the floor waiting for the next in the series to become available. They were written like awesome supporting actors and actresses that only enhanced the story.

To say that this series is simply a paranormal romance is selling it way too short. Yes, it has shape-shifters, witches, fae, and demonic magic and it is one super steamy love story, but it also has mystery and thrills and keeps you guessing all the way through. I was left wanting more and more and more because these characters are so well written that I felt like I really knew them and want to know more of them. It is reassuring to know that there are other books coming in this series and the characters that were so well introduced will also be able to tell their story. It completely added to the overall enjoyment of this book! I cannot wait to read more from these authors!!!
Goodreads Synopsis
Book 1 in the Dark Talisman series. While each Dark Talisman is a standalone, the greatest enjoyment can be found reading the books in series order.


Magickal null Alaya Bellemore is stuck in a mansion where murder-mystery games become a little too real. Midnight encounters with a certain shape-shifting fox becomes the norm. Even the walls and doors are alive.

Shad’s been trapped for far longer than he’d care to remember. When the luscious Alaya walks into his life he finds hope beginning to burn in his heart and soul. Their passion explodes in an inferno scorching enough to temper their resolve, and Shad will stop at nothing to protect what’s his.

Can Shad help Alaya escape the clutches of an eclectic collector before she becomes part of his living museum?

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  1. Thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed it. Book 2 is coming soon :)


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