Sunday, 23 December 2012

Introducing Hot Tree Editing

Merry Christmas lovelies. I hope everyone is happy and prepared for this coming holiday.
I just wanted to take to moment to introduce my new venture to you all.

Hot Tree Editing is my new baby. A service dedicated to the fabulous authors in the indie community.

As you all know, I'm passionate about reading, in addition to supporting the author community; a community that I feel very privileged to be a part of. As such, over the last few years in particular, I have spent more time studying and perfecting my skills as an editor. This is in addition to my BA(Hons) Literature and English. And now, after working alongside several authors and assisting with the editing process, I feel it is the opportune time to branch out and enter the world as a freelance editor. 

Please check out my website which includes a transparent price list of my services. You can also follow Hot Tree on Facebook too!
What to expect from Hot Tree!
Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

Our book editors can provide you with a thorough and professional extra pair of eyes. Regardless of how many times you read over your own work, errors will be hiding and lying in wait ready for a reader to pounce on them. Regardless of the size of these errors, big or small, your brain, and most definitely your eyes will not let you know that they are there. That's what we are for! Editing is after all an essential part of the writing process.

Open Book

We always suggest that you submit a sample of your book so that we can provide you with an honest assessment. This process is to identify what exactly your needs are. This may be a basic proofreading, a light standard edit, or a heavier content edit, or possibly a reduction edit—or various options in between. Regardless of your needs, our aim is to be proactive, practical and honest, all the time with a smile on our faces. You will also be quoted a fair, flat fee for the service(s) we recommend.

Your Book-Your Rules

Our editors are very aware of the bond that you have with your work. Because of this, the choice of service is ultimately yours. You have the control! Our service is to support you and your book.
Once we have been contracted, and first edits have been completed, it's our policy to provide you with two files: one color-coded using Word's tracking feature, and the other will be a 'clean' copy with all changes incorporated. This allows you to view all editorial changes with ease.

Your dream awaits you.

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