Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cover Reveal: Winter Fae by Melissa Turner Lee & Pauline Creeden

You should know by now that Marcy Rachel Designs is one of my favourite Indie Cover Artists. She so regularly creates such beautiful and creative designs, ones that I know the authors that she works with are so pleased with and that I’m always in awe of. Oh how wish I was creative!

Today, we have the cover reveal for a book that sounds pretty spectacular with the glorious design by the Über talent Marcy Rachel Designs.

Book: Winter Fae by Melissa Turner Lee & Pauline Creeden
(Winter Fae is a short story, prequel to ARMORED HEARTS)

Winter Fae

Once upon a time, a fairy princess
gave up her home, her family, and
her birthright for the love of a
human lord. But life outside has made
her sick. When she returns to the
land of fae with her son, she
discovers things are not as they
should be. Will she find the healing
she so desperately seeks for herself
and invalid son? Or will she be
received with the coldness of winter?

Now check it out!
 How amazing is this cover! The colour contrast, including the images are so very mysterious and mystical. I particularly love the typography.
And how cool is this...
The half symbol under the title determines the number of the book. Half for being a prequel. The first book will contain a full symbol.
What an original and quirky idea!

Release date:
December 15, 2012

Will be available on:
-Amazon on Dec 15
-Barnes & Nobel (whenever it passes their stuff)

Additional Info:
- Includes the first chapter of 'Armored Hearts, which will be available on February 2013

Melissa Turner Lee ~ Pauline Creeden
Designed by:
Marcy Rachel @ Marcy Rachel Designs

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  1. Thank you for the feature - you did an awesome job! :)


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