Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Review: One Strange Christmas by Nicola Palmer

One Strange Christmas is a lovely refreshing Children's Christmas story. The plot is both creative and original, and the range of characters are easy to follow and like.

Whilst there are no accompanying images, this is a book recommended for 7+ and us grown-ups too, the book is so beautifully visual. I ran this short story like a film in my head and heard the characters voices so very clearly. A true testament to the author's skill. Nicola Palmer has crafted her book to an impressive and creative standard.

A splendid Christmas story filled with festive joy and spirit, that both children and adults will love. 5 Christmas fairies. 

Goodreads Synopsis

Jake had been expecting a very 
ordinary Christmas - until he opened the curtains and saw it. All he had wished for was some snow and a bit of excitement!

Christmas Day brings chaos: news reporters, meetings with peculiar characters, a spectacular surprise at the bottom of the garden; not to mention Jake's startling discovery about his future!

Christmas will never be the same again!

A festive story for children aged 7+ and big kids too.
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