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Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Sable Hunter (18+)

It's always lovely having fresh face on Bex 'n' Books and today we have great pleasure introducing you to the lovely Sable Hunter as discovered and appropriated stalked by our lovely Justine.
Today we have a review of Sable's 'Cowboy Heat (Hell Yeah #1)' in addition to an entertaining interview and a lovely giveaway!
Read on and enjoy!

Oh my, this book hot!!! In some parts, the words just steam off the pages whilst the rest of the 'not so naughty parts' leaves you with one of the sweetest stories I have read in a while. I'm pretty sure Sable Hunter would have had to sleep with one eye open if I didn’t like the ending!

Luckily, she hit a home run with me in the ending department. Giving me closure on Aron and Libby’s story and preparing me for the next! This was perfect because Cowboy Heat is only the first installment in the Hell Yeah! Series. 4 hot Hell Yeah fairies!

Goodreads Synopsis
An Erotic Romance

Aron McCoy has sworn off women - except for sex. When Libby Fontaine arrives at Aron's Tebow Ranch, she is determined to cram a lifetime of living into a few short months. The doctor has told her that she can't count on her remission from leukemia being a permanent one. Their attraction to one another is instantaneous and overwhelming. But when Aron finds out that Libby is innocent - he backs off. He has nothing to offer a girl who deserves white lace and promises. Then Aron catches Libby pleasuring herself in his stock tank and hears her cry out his name - and the heat is on.

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about meTell us a bit about yourself.
I am just a country girl, actually. I’m a little over thirty, and I’m single. I live with a wiener dog and 7 cats. My brother manages me and he lives nearby. I write erotic romances that cover territory from Texas cowboys to New Orleans witches to hot Cajuns. Most of what I write are series – my Hell Yeah! is my most popular. I love to cook and I ghost hunt for fun.   

What inspired you to write your first book?
I’ve always loved to write, but I did it for my own entertainment. My brother is a great writer, and I was encouraging him to write for publication. He didn’t think it could happen, so I decided to try it first. To my surprise, my books sold. I did the traditional route first, but was told my books were too ‘dark’ after they had requested a second manuscript, so I put three out myself. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that I began to gain an audience. After a while, I went with a publisher, but now I also do books on my own. I have 15 total.

How did you come up with the title Hell Yeah! For your series?
I wrote Cowboy Heat as a stand alone. But there was a lot of interest in it, so I decided to write a book for each brother. I’ve told this before, but if I’d had any idea I was going to make a series, I would have named the guys something other than what I did. Aron, Jacob, Joseph, Isaac, Noah and Nathan – came right out of my Sunday School lesson! I would have picked sexier names, especially Noah. All I can picture with Noah is a bearded old man in a robe leading animals onto an ark, but – no – he’s turned into a sexy guy. So, when I decided to write the series, I wanted to call it something ‘western’. I had been reading other cowboy erotica and the guys seemed to say that – Hell yeah! – a lot. And Texas guys that I knew also said it and it was always an exclamation of joyous agreement or lustful longing – so I thought it was perfect. And it has worked out well.
Describe one of your main characters in five words.
Aron McCoy
Alpha, Passionate, Hard-headed, Loyal, HOT!

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
One of the most surprising things that I learned in creating my books is how much of ‘me’ that I put into them. They are the worlds that I inhabit. My fantasies are what weaves them together. The funny incidents, usually, are mine or my families. The tales of hauntings are my own. I  am always the heroine, and her insecurities and doubts and dreams and body image issues are all my own. So – they say, write what you know – and I do. If you ever want to know me, just read my books.

Aron is a pretty tasty character. What’s your type of man candy?
I have two crushes that I utilize in my writing for imagination purposes. One is  Joe Manganello of True Blood, second is Michael Scratch of the late-night Cinemax show, Lingerie. And of course, Jimmy Thomas, he’s on the cover of most of my books. My type of guy is the proverbial – tall, dark and handsome – rugged, cowboy type with a delectable scruff of beard.

Have you ever done anything strange or weird in the name of research?
Oh, my goodness! Do I have a tale to tell. I was fairly innocent when I first began writing, not a virgin – mind you. But inexperienced. I had never tried a ‘toy’. And when I was writing T-R-O-U-B-L-E, there was a scene where Cooper used a toy and Ky found it – it was funny. But I didn’t feel that I could adequately talk about it or describe it, unless I owned one. So, I bought it. And my uncle happened to be at my house when the package came and he was looking for some hunting apparatus that was supposed to come in from Cabela’s, so he ripped right into my package without consulting who it was addressed to. And when he pulled it out, he tossed the pink plastic rabbit through the air like a hot potato. Haha! I actually used that in the book – it was funny.
I’ve done all sorts of things in the name of research – I go to where my books are set and I eat in the restaurants and I stay in the hotels – I climbed Enchanted Rock and I went to Lost Maples National Park and Canyon Eagle Resort – I love to get a feel for the area and describe it so my readers can experience as much as possible.

How long does it take you to write a book?
I can write a book in three months, usually. I take a week or two off inbetween to promote, but I’m always plotting and planning in my mind. I do a rough outline and know what my plot twists and turns will be. I think of funny stories to include and some suspense – I even plan my sexual positions – ha! But three months is what I shoot for.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?
Yes, right now I’m working on Finding Dandi, Cajun Spice III. Dandi is Beau’s cousin from Burning Love. She is a tomboy with a secret. Lucas Dane Wagner is her love interest and he was the sex therapist that helped Harley in Burning Love – I hope that this one brings smiles and tears to the readers – as well as raise their temperature a little – it’s going to be hot!

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
I work from 8:30 in the morning to 10 pm at night on some phase of the process. Now I stop to cook and eat and clean and walk the dog, but I keep pretty straight hours. Of course, there is answering emails and taking care of business to be done- but I try for two to three thousand words a day.

Do you have any writing rituals?
Well, yeah. I don’t listen to music, but I usually have the TV on low for company. I write in my recliner with a little table beside me with a Diet Dr Pepper or coffee on it. My laptop is on top of my tummy and my dog, Mojo, is stretched out by my leg. I can spend hours like that – just fantasizing and plotting and getting all turned on and crying and laughing – it’s a terrible, horrible job, this erotic romance writer business.
Who designed the cover(s)?
Of course, my SCP covers were designed by their talented staff. My other covers were done mostly by Jimmy Thomas folks, I buy them from romance novel covers or one of my assistants might take a cover I purchased and work it up. Niina Cord has also helped me with the covers.

What book are you reading now?
I’m not reading anything right now, but my favourite authors are Maya Banks, Sarah McCarty, Lora Leigh, Cherise Sinclair, Shayla Black, Shiloh Walker, Heather Ranier, Leah Brooke and – of course – Lorelei James.

Talin's Echo (Warriors of the Atlantean Empire, #1)What new author has grasped your interest?
The new author that has grasped my interest is CL Pardington. She will have a new book out very soon, and I have gotten to share some time with her, she’s exceptional.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
I love my readers. I welcome them to contact me anytime- I answer each email. This life is rewarding for many reasons, but the people I have met and come to love – it is worth it all.
My goal is to give the readers something they can hold on to – an idea that everyone is worthy to be loved. I try to make each reader laugh, cry, sigh – and sweat (in a good sexy way) and if I can do that – I will know I have succeeded. I long to create worlds where right prevails, love conquers all and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream. - - And oh yeah – where orgasms only come in multiples – ha!

Random Questions

What’s in your fridge right now?
Well, very little. Ha! I have cheese and ketchup and brussel sprouts and Diet Dr. Pepper. I cook a lot, but Jess has been out of town and I took the week off!

What song do you sing at the top of your voice every time you hear it?
My Sharona – its old, but I love the beat.

Other than writing, what special or unusual talent(s) do you have?
I can play piano and sing. I also ghost-hunt for fun.

Where did you last go on holiday?
Oh my goodness – I don’t go anywhere very much. I went on a research trip to eastern Oklahoma and rented a cabin in the woods to find a setting for a future book. While I was there, I looked for bigfoot, but I didn’t see him.
If your house was attacked by feral aliens, and they were zapping your house    with their Über super bombs, what five items would you save?
Well, that’s the easiest question of all – 1) Mojo, my dog 2) Jess, my brother – ha! 3) my laptop 4) my iphone and 5) and my lucky David Yurman bracelet.
If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
The title of my biography should be – “Well, I’m Glad That’s Over With” because I say that all the time. Or perhaps it should be – “Beware -  Dynamite Comes in Small Packages!” Ha!
To win an ecopy of any of Sable's books just enter this easy rafflecopter - Good Luck!


  1. Sable is my favorite writer ,love the Hell Yeah series, I am going to start here Cajun spice one soon :)

  2. Sable Hunter is a fantastic author and her books are amazing!! Hell Yeah series and those hot cowboy McCoy brothers you just want to scoop up and take them home. The Cajun Spice series is awesome and is a DO NOT MISS as well.

    Great interview and giveaway.

  3. Good morning Sable,

    I enjoyed reading your interview. You are so kind to mention me. <3
    I have been reading your Hell Yeah! and recently your Cajun Spice series. I really love your style of writing. I'm a true fan and friend.

    Huge ((HUGS))

  4. Hi Sable, thanks for joining us and sharing a little about yourself and your amazing books!
    I look forward to reading ALL of them!
    Keep safe and have a Merry Christmas.....

    HUGS from Australia!!

  5. Ha Ha C.L. your refrigerator is about like Marcia's the first time we met. Only thing missing is the Wine. Great interview!

  6. C.L. and Sable, great interview. I love Sable's books. If you haven't read them - go out and buy them. She has everything in her books that you can ask for. I love that she can make me laugh, cry, worry, swoon and cheer all in one book. Thanks for your wonderful books Sable!

    Hope your stockings are filled with books from Sable.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thank you all so much, it was a privilege to be here and a joy to meet Becky and Justine. There is nothing better than collecting friends along the way.

  9. loved the interview wish Sable all the best, only read 1 of your series, but i really enjoyed it. i love cowboys


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