Friday, 26 October 2012

Review: Sovereign Pleasures by J.V.K

Goodreads Synopsis
*Caution This is for 18+ contains Man on Man Sexual encounter.

A set of five short steamy stories. It takes you to the realm where pain and pleasure collide, taking you on a breath taking ride you will not forget. Meet the men of Sovereign Pleasures, and listen to their stories of their pain... and their pleasure...

Sovereign Pleasures is a collection of five very short stories that dip into the world of man on man BDSM erotica. These shorts are very explicit and not for the fainthearted and therefore not to everyone's taste.

These stories are well written and have the feel of excerpts from five individual novels. I feel all five have a lot of potential to be expanded as these little snippets give only a teasing glimpse of what could be to come. I enjoyed this selection, but I have to confess there was one aspect of Spoiled Love that made me uncomfortable and that was the age of one of  the characters but I read through imagining him to be older which made feel me better.

I give these little naughty little nuggets 4 stars and look forward to reading more from J.V.K. Well done! 


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What's also exciting is at the time of this reviews release, Sovereign Pleasures is currently FREE!

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