Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Review: The Phantom Pilot by Ann Swann

"Whatever you do, don't go in the spooky old house.  No matter who dares you, no matter what lures you, do not go in."
When a small plane crashes into Jase’s backyard, the ghost of the pilot decides to stick around.  He doesn’t really want to haunt Jase, but since he is now more phantom than pilot, that’s just what happens.  Jase knows he needs a brave soul to help him figure out what the pilot wants, so when he sees Stevie entering the town’s legendary haunted house, he is certain she’s the one.  Can he convince Stevie to help him, or will the pilot live in his closet forever?
What a brilliant story! I loved this and so did my daughter. It's only approximately 87 pages long, but there was so much in it that I didn't want it to end. It was like a step back in time and even one of my favorite bands Creedence Clearwater Revival got a mention which made my day. 

The Phantom Pilot is a ghost story set in the sixties and the heroine Stevie, who's 12, and her new found friend Jase and his faithful dog Lady try and find out: why the phantom pilot keeps returning to the same place each night? What does he want and can they help him? This story is atmospheric and quite emotional with references to the Vietnam war, its effect on the families left behind, and the loss of loved ones and how the youngsters deal with it.

The characters are very well written and believable and you feel for them and the things they have gone through. This book is definitely one for all ages and Ms Swann leaves it open to the possibility of their being a sequel, trilogy, quadrilogy who knows!

These characters and their relationships have the potential to be more than a short story. It leaves open the question of Stevie's ghostly story. Could their be a romance between them as they get older? Do Stevie and Jase end up together as adults? I would really love to know. I hope Ms Swann will answer these questions as I am extremely nosey!

I highly recommend this book as it is very well written: a little cracker! Well done Ms Swann. I give this little gem 5 stars, so go on go buy it now ;)


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The Phantom Student 

Evil never skips a generation . . . 

When Stevie and Jase befriend Derol Pavey, a new student with Tourette Syndrome, strange things start to happen.  The phantom of a little girl begins haunting Stevie.  But the little phantom never sticks around for long.  She seems to be showing Stevie something, but by the time Stevie and Jase figure out what she is trying to show them, it is almost too late.  They are forced to follow the little girl to school--the abandoned Crossroads Elementary School--where they discover that the phantom student has been trying to protect Derol who is being tormented for being different.  What goes around, comes around, and on a dark and desperate Halloween night, Jase and Stevie learn just how deadly bullying can be.

To come: Book three 'The Phantom of Crybaby Bridge'. 

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