Monday, 15 October 2012

Review: Darkseed: Awakening (The Darkseed Series) by Victoria Ley

Goodreads Synopsis
205 Cheyne Avenue holds some dark secrets…

After an accident claims the lives of two boys, fifteen year old Sarah Walton moves in to 205 with her mother. It isn’t long before she realises there is another, unseen resident, and convinces best friend Christina to help her make contact. When they do, the girls learn more than they bargained for, and soon find themselves desperately unravelling a series of clues in order to stop a malevolent being, seemingly bent on manipulating the souls of those he’s killed in order to gain omnipotence. Their only ally is Craig, a spirit they’ve befriended via a Ouija board, but as the story unfolds, the girls discover things aren’t quite as straightforward as they’d assumed.

Darkseed is a fascinating read that managed to successfully hold my attention. It was the character descriptions and their personal developments that in particular managed to truly capture my interest. The range of personalities evident are very well crafted and in many ways highly believable. It was difficult not to get completely absorbed in the young people's lives as they were navigating through the tension and mystery that awaited them in this novel.

I really appreciated the strong British voices in this novel; although, I'm not sure a non-Brit would easily be able to get their head around the slang. I however, really liked this as I thought it helped the characters become much more three dimensional.

The plot line was cleverly crafted and on the whole pushed forward at a good pace, with several twist and turns and interesting developments. These developments at times were eerily dark, certainly enough to create high suspense and tension.

Whilst Darkseed: Awakening is a YA paranormal/supernatural read, it will easily be appreciated by adult readers too. An enjoyable read that comes highly recommended by Bex 'n' Books.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your opinion, Bex!
    Loved your review :)
    Tor x


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