Sunday, 28 October 2012

eARC Review: Black Moon (Paige Tailor Series #1) by Jessica McQuay

Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 4 out of 5
Black Moon (Paige Tailor, #1)

Black Moon is a strong start to a new fantasy series. We are introduced to a world of fae, shapeshifters, werewolves and many other species that makes Black Moon a supe-fest and an exciting one at that.

There are many fascinating story developments within Black Moon that help to shape the characters Paige and Naialah. Their relationship develops in a unique way, one that I thought was a brave and original move from the author Jessica McQuay. Their relationship progresses alongside Paige's acceptance and growth of the many changes going on her life. The relationship and developments were smoothly and delicately handled by the author, and helped to make Black Moon an intriguing read.

There when many aspects about one of the minor characters Rachel, that I found a little confusing. Her background and personality were made fairly clear, but there were occasions within the plot development that seemed to be a little too coincidental without thorough description or detail. It was possible to move past these moments however; they certainly didn't take away my enjoyment of the book.

Black Moon successfully ends setting up the characters and the reader for the next installment. There are still many questions left unanswered and so much possibility for this series.

Goodreads Synopsis
"Am I losing my mind?"

Paige couldn't help but question her sanity. What other explanation could there be for her hearing a conversation held barely above a whisper in the back of a classroom full of students? What about coming home to find one of those very classmates lying in wait in the darkness of her home, ready to attack her?

Confused, frustrated and feeling every ounce of her social ostracism, Paige confides in the one person she's always been able to count on: her mom. But when her mom reveals a deeply rooted, unbelievable family secret, Paige discovers her world is filled with more than she ever imagined possible. A world where fairytales live alongside nightmares and secrets are the glue that binds them together. Suddenly no one is who they seem and Paige is faced with more questions than answers. Can she survive in a world filled with creatures scarier than anything she could imagine and where deceit runs as thick as blood? Or will the truth send her over the edge?
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