Monday, 22 October 2012

Cover Reveal: Existence (Lynnie Russell #2) by R.M Gilmore

We're so excited to be apart of R.M Gilmore's cover reveal, not only because she's a crazy amazing woman and author, but also because we can't wait to get our hands on a copy of Existence for ourselves. Book one, Becoming, was truly an epic read. So much so, that we rated it 5 freakin' awesome fairies! You can check out our review here!

Existence is the second in the Lynnie Russell Trilogy by R.M. Gilmore. Its projected released date is 2013. Lynnie Russell breaks the mold in this country girl paranormal trilogy. Book one, Becoming, can be found in digital or paperback editions via /

A snippet from our review of 'Becoming', book one in the trilogy:
"What you will find when you pick up Becoming, which I strongly recommend that you do, is a story that is original, superbly crafted and developed, in addition to creating the potential for a phenomenal paranormal series. This book is truly original. No vamps, no weres, rather something much more unusual, that it makes the story so very refreshing...

...I really enjoyed Lynnie’s character, and could easily hear her voice in my head with her superb twang. She’s a believable character, with very interesting, and understandable reactions to the situations that she finds herself in. What you will also find in Becoming is RM Gilmore’s lovely humour which if you have read The Scene, you will be relieved to discover is evident in this book." Bex 'n' Books

So with only a little bit of a fanfare... is R.M Gilmore's spanking new cover for her soon to be released Existence...

What I really love about R.M's cover in particular is that it's easily identifiable as being part of the Lynnie Russell Trilogy. I'm so pleased that R.M has continued with the same design ideas as I love the cover for book one too. What's also especially effective is that we get to put a true face to Lynnie. I had my version in my head after reading Becoming, yet this will really help as a visual when I'm devouring book two, Existence. Love it R.M! Awesome job!

To find out more about R.M's series you can stalk her on Facebook.

As always, we and of course R.M Gilmore would love to hear your thoughts - no matter how scary! - on the cover design for Existence.

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