Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Review: Stranger Than Fiction by Lynn Leite

Skylar Paine’s writing career is flourishing at the same time her love life crashes and burns. Resigned to make a new start, she buys a house that’s far away from her cheating fiancĂ© and her back stabbing sister. It doesn’t take long to realize she may not be as alone as she thought she would be in her new life. Not only is the house haunted. It’s trying to tell her something.
I was swept away with Lynn Leite's Stranger Than Fiction, a terrific story surrounded in mystery, the paranormal and romance.

Following Skylar, the main character, was a pleasure; I especially loved her reactions to the situations that she found herself in. What Lynn Leite has successfully achieved is a character that I was so very happy to watch develop and succeed. It is this, teamed with the superb characterisations of her characters that made the events unfold seem that much more realistic, so much so that I jumped a few times and listened out for strange noises.

Lynn Leite, successfully delves into the world of the supernatural without being overly cliche. What she achieves instead is a lovely read and a story that I became completely absorbed in. Whilst Stranger Than Fiction is not a long read (approx 156 pages), it was fulfilling and had a clear and well developed narrative. Very enjoyable.
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