Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Review: The Keeper by Katherine Rochholz (FREE short)

The Keeper
Goodreads Synopsis
There are many types of keepers, this one keeps the broken souls of Earth. Grieving for her souls, she tells a pretty soul's story in hopes that the message of love is received.
A truly beautiful and well-crafted short. Katherine Rochholz has successfully created a piece of narrative that is poetic and highly emotive. My tears at the end of this short read were genuine; it is that powerful!
From the first few lines, I knew that this was a compelling piece of literature. I immediately wanted more, wanted this short to be novel or a novella at least; however, despite this being a 600 word short (approx), it had all of the elements necessary for a deeply satisfying, if not tragic read.
Breathtaking Katherine.

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