Saturday, 1 September 2012

Review & Giveaway: Forbidden by JVK

Goodreads Synopsis
Forbidden is a dark, sexy, hard core, short story that will have you holding your breath as it fills you with emotion, as it takes you on a breathtaking wild ride in an Forbidden realm of desire.

*Caution This is for 18+ contains Man on Man Sexual encounter.

JVK's short is a very powerful erotic read. It successfully captures the protagonist's inner turmoil and his angst. What was particularly interesting was the craft of the short; it was smoothly developed and effectively captured the depth of emotion and the erotic build up in the M/M encounter. Forbidden offers a snapshot of an SM meeting. It is emotive, gripping and very passionate.

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JVK has some amazing prizes up for grabs in celebration of her Author of the Week spot on Bex 'n' Books:
  • 3 ebook copies of Black Lace
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  • 1 Red Moon bookmark (cover)
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  1. <3 I quite enjoyed Forbidden, and she is going to expand on it :) I love J.V.K.'s Work :) She is an awesome author, artist and person!


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