Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Review: Feyling Duplicity by Patrice McNeal

Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Fairies

Feyling Duplicity is a fascinating story filled with an array of supes that will fulfil every paranormal fan’s 'tick list'. Yet what is so beautifully unique about this book is the journey that the main character takes. The book opens very similar to a fairy-tale; it reads very much one like too. It successfully captures the innocence of the main character, 'Charlotte', and is so very enjoyable to read as Patrice McNeal and 'Charlotte' take us on a magical journey into the land of the fae.

As the book progresses, we have a leap in time which is handled very smoothly - yay no whiplash - and is overall very well crafted. It is the fifteen year leap into the future where the real action takes place. This action and development is well paced and unfolds to unravel a gripping story, one filled with mystery, action and romance.

The characters that Patrice McNeal creates are very easy to like and very easy to follow; they were a pleasure to journey with. These strong characters, teamed with a gripping storyline made Feyling Duplicity a book that was so easy to become absorbed in.

So my verdict, a Bex 'n' Books highly recommended 4 ½ fabulous fairies. 
Goodreads Synopsis
Charlotte McBride is a seemingly typical ten-year old living amongst the greens of Ireland with an abusive and spiteful caretaker. Charlotte realizes nothing in her life is what it seems—including her own name—when she learns she’s a Faery. A Feyling, in fact, the most unique and powerful of all Earth Guardians. Rage and vengeance consumes her to further learn she was abducted as a child, shortly after her mother was murdered. During her search for answers, Charlotte uncovers a thousand year-old Vampire conspiracy to replace Faeries as guardians of the earth. Having spent the better part of their existence living amongst mortals, the Vampires must stop their species from adapting. Now they will have to put the future of their race in the hands of one Faery—the last known Feyling.

Fifteen years later Charlotte leaves the comfort and security of her realm to meet the Vampires on their own ground. Searching the mortal world of London, she soon finds herself entangled in a web of lust and deceit with the very enemy she vowed to destroy. When the man she loves risks his life to safe her, it becomes a race against time to stop him from declaring open war on the Vampires. To avoid more bloodshed between the races, Charlotte will have to awaken her unique power to face off with her abductor and her mother's killer, in what could be a one-on-one battle for earthen supremacy.
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