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Interview & Giveaway: JVK

JVK, our Week 8 Author of the Week, is joining us for a lovely interview. Please enjoy getting to know her that little bit better; I know that I really have.

Please also check out our lovely giveaway at the end of the interview.

  Forbidden Black Lace (Paths of the Spirit, #1) Red Moon (Paths of the Spirit, #2) The Promise (The Promise, #1)

  1.     Tell me a bit about yourself.

To be completely honest I am a simple person – good things make me happy, bad things not so much. If I dislike something I am showing it even if I don’t want to do so. So I am completely honest even when I am not supposed to. 

I am twenty one, really light head, I am usually drown so much in the ‘things’ I write that I am forgetting about a lot of stuff I need to do in my daily life and I am one lucky lady for having my amazing boyfriend to thank for dragging me back to reality (but sometimes I really want to smack him down when I am in a good place with my characters.). I am studding really hard for y second bachelor degree, I want it this time to be in marketing, I have one in business management.

And I don’t want to travel the world – just Japan and Korea. I enjoy music and anime (Japanese animation). I am just a person in the crowd you probably won’t recognize me on the street and I like that.

I shine mostly when I write and this is the field I want to be known for.

2.     What inspired you to write your first book?

Oh, God, my first something-like-a-book was something that was supposed to be a TV show scenario but kind of turned out to be about 17 or maybe more note books with more than 60 chapters. It was in Bulgarian and I have no idea where it is now. I am having trouble finding my early writings, but I remember that after my best friend read the first page she said that it is too long and she doesn’t want to read it, so we started again – this time the both of us, and tried to write something like Buffy – the vampire slayer. I love Buffy, well, Angel mostly, but, hey, as a child I was really easily impressed.

3.     How did you come up with the name for your series Paths of the Spirits?

I believe in something that it is quite strange. If we adopt the idea that we, ourselves, are our unique Universe and our own world we become the centre of it. So as a centre of it we hold all the power to control it. I think that not the faith or destiny stays beside us but our spirit. So therefore the path we walk is the path of the spirit. And here is the name of the series.
Our souls, spirits, are the beginning and the end, everything we are, our essence, is being held by our hearts. It gives us strength it makes us weak – it makes us human for the most of it.

4.     How are you the same/different from your main character Vivian?

Is it bad if I have no idea? Vivian is fiction and like everything written in my books they have no relation in people in real life. She is not my ultra-ego. I am a simple person. I love the people who love me.

Vivian, she is, she is a fighter and this makes her reserved towards people. She is still young and she can’t handle her own feelings. She is irrational, frail and insecure. I love her because I think that she is doing pretty fine by making choices in her life. If I were her I would do some things different, but it is her life and I cannot do anything about it. I feel bad for Michael, though. She is mean to him on so many levels.

5.     What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

That I can be very sadistic at moments. Sometimes it scares me. Oh, and lazy… I am working on the cover for Sovereign Pleasures for months. I had to send the cover for Red Moon to a friend, because I lost my muse, but he did the moon really well and I just uploaded it to Facebook – I love it.

I love my books, they are me and I am them. It is hard to explain, I mean, I think I kind of new that these things are inside me, but I was too afraid to look them up. It is a great experience writing.

Also, when I write I am ‘blind’ I have no idea what the hell I am typing. I don’t even hear when someone is calling me. I mean, my phone rings with Blood line by Slayer. Who wouldn’t hear that? Anyways, I have to go back and read what I have written. Amazing thing – it actually makes sense…

6.     What was your favourite chapter to write and why?

In the first book, the last few ones. I love my ending. Their love is just so sad… I love it when they make love for the first time, it is so sweet,  and when he tells her he loves her for the first time. I love love. I hope they can be together one day. I really cried for Michael.

7.     Can you share a little of something new with us?

"Wait!” Michael caught her by the wrist. She didn’t turn towards him; she didn’t have enough strength to do so.
“Let go.” Her voice sounded so faint. “I will bring her back. So don’t get in my way.” It sounded like she was choking with the words. Her voice was so low that even with his superhuman hearing he almost didn’t hear her.

His heart began to realize that she was saying “goodbye” and she wasn’t coming back, but his brain was denying it. Slowly his fingers loosen up and her hand hung in the air, while his was still reaching towards her. She raised her head and something died in her eyes.

8.     Have you ever done anything strange or weird in the name of research?

No. hehe. I read a lot, and I do mean a lot! I need to be able to read all my books in a short time and still remember almost everything in them.  And that irritates me – I don’t want to buy a new book with more than 600 pages and read it in less than 4 hours… When I am reading I have no idea what’s happening to me. When I flip the last page I am like “Da fuq! I just started that!” and the rage kicks in… I tried reading slowly; I tried making breaks in between the pages… Nothing helps…

I always do research, by the time I finish reading an article the knowledge is added to my database or whatever and it becomes mine, so I forget that I have learnt it, I get the feeling that it has always been there. So, yeah, even if I did, I don’t remember. I am constantly reading something new and it is just added and added to the computer in my brain.

9.     How long does it take you to write a book?

Well, that depends. I had this awesome flow with Red Moon, I wrote over 20k words in one night. When I get down for some reason I can’t write at all. When that happens I am trying to use my time to focus on my other writings until the muse comes back.

I think about over a year on average. I write all the time – I write on everything you can imagine. And I write a lot at the same time. I used to think that focusing on one project is enough and needed, but not anymore. As I grew up and became more knowledgeable I realised that I can do even more at once.

I am trying my best to give the love needed to all my writings and so far I would like to think that I am successful, but I think this is for the reader to decide.

10. Do you have any writing rituals?

Not really, just over 40 GBs of music.

11. What book are you reading now?

Does a textbook count? I am rereading my accounting books. They are pain in the butt and very boring, but iti s needed for my education. And also, I am hoping of being able to soon read the Katy Lily year one. I read The Keeper by K.C. Rochholz and I had to say – I wrote her and I asked her if there is going to be more of it. The Keeper is fantastic.

  12. What new author has grasped your interest?

New to me or new to the world? I think I am becoming a real fan of K.C. Rochholz.

13. Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Yeah and not so much. I want you, guys, to enjoy my books. They are for you, well, mostly so I can learn more about the bunch of people inside my head but, trust me, they are fun to be around. Give them a chance and you will grow to love them.
  Forbidden Black Lace (Paths of the Spirit, #1) Red Moon (Paths of the Spirit, #2) The Promise (The Promise, #1)
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  1. Loved the interview :) I am almost done with Black Lace & I really like Michaels character. LOL I am a sucker for a good looking werewolf. Thanks for the great interview & JVK Thanks for the great books :)

  2. I have to say I absolutely love the interview! I am definitely adding this to my TBR list, which grows longer with every passing day! Thanks for sharing!

  3. <3 *Blushes* Great interview!!! I Love Black Lace, J.V.K. is one of my new favorite authors!


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