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Review: Taurean & Leo by Tiffany Luv Wright

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Get ready for a wild ride in to the realm of reincarnation and star crossed lovers! Taurean & Leo will leave you breathless and questioning your own existence. Is it truly possible for lovers to find one another, lifetime after lifetime?
Trinity is a 33 year old mother of twins, who has been divorced twice. In a moment of anxiety and carrying a broken heart, she swears off any kind of romance. She willingly locks her heart up to those around her. When she crosses paths with the charming, and handsome author in the city park, his touch reignites a passion in her soul.
The charming author has only written about the journey he is about to embark on. Will his logical stand point be able to keep him grounded? Not if the stars have anything to do with it! Little does he know, that he is on the path to self discovery and his beliefs will be rocked by the leonine nature of the beautiful creature he encounters.
Taurean & Leo will leave your heart begging for more. The amazing, and heart gripping adventure that encompasses every darkest fear and yearning of the soul will have your heart racing as you turn the pages.
"They were standing on a cobblestone pier. It was Venice. He had been to Venice early in his college years. He knew the exact pier. Trinity was wrapped up in his arms. They were swaying gently to soft music in the background. The stars were overwhelmingly bright. Trinity was dressed in what looked like early forties attire. And Cades matched the era. She was like a vintage pin-up girl, and yet incredibly soft. Button down, fitted dress, and stockings and garters with black heels. Her hair was rolled, and she wore red lipstick. Those long black eyelashes would be the death of him.

He gazed down in to her eyes. She was the most beautiful and complex creature he had ever encountered. She stirred a passion in him that had been lying dormant a very long time.

He brushed her cheeks with his fingertip. And Trinity sighed. She was waiting...

He lowered his head, and stopped right before her lips. He took in her breath, he wanted every part of her. He wanted the very depths of her soul to succumb to his touch. He kissed her, softly at first. Then his hands went down to her waist. He moved them to the small of her back. Then he slowly moved them to cup her breasts. They were the only two on the pier. He slowly lifted the bottom of her dress, his hands grazed her thighs, exposing her skin to the cool night air. Her breathing was raspy. He could tell she was lost in him. Her body was calling to him, she needed him, she needed his hands to explore her body."
Taurean & Leo is a very different type of love story. One that is contemporary, yet it spans across time. Tiffany Luv Wright successfully creates two intriguing characters who have a lovely edge of realism to them; they have messy lives; they come with a history. I really liked this about the two main characters. It enabled me to appreciate their journey and inner conflicts that they navigated through.

The writing was well-crafted with a lovely level of depth and emotion. The plot and time raced forward in a way that I had to scramble to keep up, especially involving the characters and their thoughts and feelings. There were times that this affected the realism and believability, yet I was quick to remind myself that Taurean & Leo is a paranormal romance. This was very easy to forget at times, because of the realistic issues that the characters brought with them.

A thoroughly enjoyable story, that comes highly recommended from Bex ‘n’ Books.
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