Sunday, 12 August 2012

Review: The Psychic by Margarita Felices

Beryl Parker grew up in the old world of fairgrounds and con artists. After years of wedded bliss with Charlie, they had managed the best con ever! But a year later, Charlie dies, leaving Beryl penniless and in hiding. One day while walking through a local market, she sees a sign for a fortune teller and sits nearby to listen in on what was going on. It was perfect! Such a great scam. It wasn't long before she's set up her own stall and five years later, she's living in a grand Victorian house in the best part of Cardiff. She has money in the bank and takes luxurious holidays. But Beryl should watch out who she reads to, because sometimes they come back for more.
What a little gem of a story! I really loved this and I found I couldn't put it down. What a cracker! This is the second story from Ms Felices that I've had the pleasure of reading and yet again she has delivered the goods. 
What a tale of the unexpected it was! 
It twists and turns like a twisty turny thing! It's very well written with a very clever plot and is  darkly humorous in places. A big well done for the curve ball that Ms Felices delivers as its not very often you get that in a story these days. I'm not giving anything away about this one as it will spoil it so I strongly urge everyone to go buy it and read it . 
I hope that Ms Felices considers composing a book of these kind of stories as I'm sure it will be greatly received by all those who love a good read. It would definitely be a purchase I would make. I'm looking forward to more from the imagination of Ms Felices what a great place it is :) I give this 4 stars, a very good little read. I wanted more! :)
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