Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Review: Forever in Darkness by Stephanie Rowe

Cursed to die for a choice his ancestor made, Ian Fitzgerald has spent six hundred years fighting the curse and trying to restore honor to his family's name. But his time to die has finally come, and his doom is in the guise of the one woman he cannot walk away from: his soul mate. Or is she really who she seems? Light and darkness, shadows and death, reality and illusions swirl around Ian as the curse hauls him relentlessly toward his own demise. Desperate to survive, Ian fights ruthlessly to uncover the truth about the sensual, desperate female who has died in his arms already…twice. Can she save him, or will she be the final key to the destruction of everything he has fought to protect?

**FOREVER IN DARKNESS is a short novella approximately 60 pages (18,000 words) in length. It is a precursor for the Ian's full-length novel, DARKNESS ARISEN, coming late 2012.**
I am a huge fan of this series, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I realised that book 4 would be a novella. Whilst, Forever in Darkness, meets the number count of a novella, it most certainly manages to captures the essence and quality of a full length novel.

Stephanie Rowe, once again has managed to present a striking, passionate and pained character in our Order hero Ian. I was swept away in this intriguing storyline that was so very well constructed and developed. Stephanie managed to bring an original concept to the storyline, so that whilst we have the familiarity of character with Ian, the plot was truly unique and remarkably constructed which is a quite an achievement considering this is a novella.

I did cry out vocally at the end as I was so desperate for more. That was the only time that greatly desired more as the `closure' wasn't wholly fulfilling, rather it left me craving for the next installment. Please don't keep us waiting too long Stephanie :)
5 dancing fairies!
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