Sunday, 8 July 2012

Winners Announced: 400 Facebook Followers Giveaway

Oh my goodness you guys. We're so overwhelmed with the amount of shares, new followers and support you demonstrated. We have reached 485 followers todate, and that's all down to you guys.

We hope you continue to follow us, and have fun along the way. We're all about supporting our wonderful authors, sharing our passion for reading, and hopefully making some lovely connections along the way. (I know I have - Bex).

We just wanted to once again say thank you so ver much to the wonderful authors who contributed to our giveaway.

Teresa Gabelman: You have been so wonderful and generous. And thank you for bringing the gorgeous Damon into our lives.
RM Gilmore: Your humour & passion for writing constantly amazes us. You truely rock!
Katherine Rochholz: You are not only a wonderful author, but are also such a genuinely caring and unbelievably generous woman. Thank you.
JVK: What can we say! Your writing is so uniquely beautiful, as are you.
Beth Gualda: Your generosity never fails to bowl us over. Thank you so much.

Please continue to show your support, especially to the five wonderful authors above.


  1. Thank you, Becky and to all the authors !!!!! :)I am looking forward to reading Cemetery Moon

  2. Thank you Becky! And congratulations for hitting a follower milestone!

    Congratulations to all the winners!


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