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Sneak Peeks & Giveaway: Katherine Rochholz

Katehrine Rochholz our Author of the Week, currently has three projects that's she's working on. And we have a sneak peak of all of them  - Yay!

A Guardian’s Life: The Seven Deadlies

            I could feel myself as I changed.  “Kill him and they will be 
            picking pieces of Martha and Tony out of the carpet for
            “I know now why father wants you.  You are soulless when something or someone you love is threatened.”  He threw Asher against the wall and a sickening crack filled the room.
            I charged at Mammon and we went through the window behind him.  We clawed at each other his poison burning and now my claws were cutting into him burning him with a poison of their own.  Just as his poison is deadly, the poison of a wolf, Gray or White, to a demon is just as deadly.  “I am not a Devil’s Lap Dog.  I am a member of the Gray.”  I state as I bite down, my teeth as shape as any wolves. 
            “You are more demon than wolf!”  Mammon yells and tries to stab me in my heart.
            “Nice try!”  I yelled as we hit the ground.  We made a crater.  We both stood in the middle and fought.  Each trying to get to the other.  “You want me in hell?  Than have me!  I yelled as I took my claw and shoved it into his chest grabbing a hold of his heart and let the venom of the wolf flow through him, as I took a hell forged knife and sliced his throat just as his claw found my heart.
            My soul slammed into hell.  The poison still running through my veins, still keeping me in my part demon, part wolf, part human form.  I stood preparing to attack Mammon again.  He had hurt my son.  I prepared to attack but stopped as Lucifer stood before me.
            “Calm down Kari, my dear.  Asher is fine.  His Guardian body is healing nicely.  He should be able to walk again in a few days.”  Lucifer then snapped his fingers sending Mammon back to his cage in the back of hell.

Katy Lily 3: The Veil Lifts

        “No let her be. She has the right to be angry at me, young Riley. A very good reason. For the last two years she has sought answers, for the last two years I have made those closest to her keep those answers from her. No longer, it seems; she knows more then she should. More than I am ready for her to know. But that has not stopped the knowledge from presenting itself to her. Even the creatures of our world have taken the opportunities to seek her out to inform of information they feel is correct. Though they have no proof. Nobody has proof.” Headmaster O’Cuinn glared at Edgar.
      “Proof, the wand isn’t proof enough? How about the bloody banshee queen that came to my house! Goodness sakes Oeric, a bloody dragon that nobody could understand, she understands, he spoke to her, told of war. A war is coming! Katy has seen visions of it! The judge of the beyond sent her back! No proof? What more do you need! The bloody charm around her neck, the charm your sister gave her, glows when she feels like crying, it burns when she is angry. I am sure if I look out the window there are more fairies here than ever have been! They feel her Oeric! It rained around the world the day she found out the truth! What more proof do you need Oeric?” Edgar yelled.

Blood and Water

"We are held up in what was once the local bookstore.  It has since been abandoned with the constant bombings from the Green Coats.  They never seem to stop- the bombings- we can barely sleep fearing that this might be our last night.  But we all know we are in the right.  WE KNOW WE ARE RIGHT.  We gathered a few books and burned them to keep a fire going, we had to keep warm in this Iowa winter, and too cook the deer we were able to find.  We also know that the Green Coats are doing the same not far from us.  The battle will rage on tonight and into tomorrow and into the next day.  Until we win.  But for now it is quiet.  In the quiet we prepared for the next part of this battle.  I for one was ready to end this battle, and soon this war.  General Hills- the leader of the Green Coats- finally appeared and to win I needed to take him out.  He killed my friend, and he was going to get a bullet from my gun to his head.  I wanted to look into his eyes, as they turned white with death."

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