Thursday, 5 July 2012

Review: Jamais Vu by Monique O'Connor James

Jamais VuGoodreads Synopsis
A gunshot echoes thrusting Darby Lambert into a near death experience. Inside the confines of an ambulance, she meets “the man in white light”. He takes away the guilt, but makes her question everything.

“You will see them,” he whispers, as he catapults her back into the real world where she is plagued with dreams of demons, nurses, and rock stars.

Why has He sent her back? Does she have the courage to rectify her sins? Given the chance, could you erase it all?

One thing that is immediately evident in Jamais Vu, is that it is very well written; clearly, Monique O'Connor James is a very talented writer. The novel's construction is faultless. It is very well edited and crafted. Monique's writing style is so very lovely to read, in many ways it's effortless to read. This made reading Jamais Vu a pleasure.

Now this is where I get even more gushy, apologies in advance. Jamais Vu is so unlike anything else I have read which is a feat in itself, since I am fairly well read and have quite an eclectic taste in literature (it was also what I studied at university, so you can imagine the wide range of literature that I have read). I'm finding it hard even to pin point the genre: romance, paranormal, spirtitual??? clearly, there's a combination going on. But regardless of my difficulties of correctly identifying the genre, Jamais Vu was a superb read.

The opening captured my attention immediately with the introduction of the protagonist Darby. I instantly liked her character and found her thoughts and perceptions fascinating. Her character was very easy to follow and bond with which is always a great accomplishment. What Monique very effectively creates with her character Darby, is one that the reader wants to root for; I certainly wanted her to get the answers she was so desperately seeking.

The range of relationships that Darby navigates her way through are very interesting; however, there are many things about her relationship with her sister and her father that are a little unclear and left unsaid. I will be reading book two very soon though, so hopefully these questions that I have will be answered and I will get a better understanding of a few of Darby's relationships. I think what it's very important to remember as a reader, is that this book is not a stand alone, which means that Monique does not have to have all of the boxes ticked and the every aspect of Darby's life explored in explicit detail in this book. I am eager to read book two, Deja Vu.

Jamais Vu is a fast paced book, with an unbelievable amount of action and twists and turns. On the flipside, it's also extremely thought provoking and deals with many 'issues'. What I really liked about Jamais Vu was the concept of second chances. Don't we all wish that we could have one every now and then? And this novel, covers this notion so very beautifully.

Bravo Monique O'Connor James! I was blown away by Jamais Vu.

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