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Review: Cemetery Moon by Beth Gualda

Following the murder of her beloved father, Mya Cotton is left bitter, heartbroken, and…a secret trust inheritance of two million dollars. With it comes a neglected cemetery called Idlewild, which her father specifically gives to her because it is sentimental to him. 
As Mya sets out to solve the mystery of the cemetery, her anger is fueled by Marco De La Zahn,  the equally bitter, unnaturally handsome estate attorney who courts her.  In stark contrast, showing up on her doorstep one night is her homeless new groundskeeper, Percival Shelby, another curiously handsome man, who speaks of love and caring for others as the key to true happiness. 
It’s only when Mya makes a life changing decision that she learns the real identity of the two men in her life vying for her love, and is able to solve Idlewild’s final mystery and fulfill her father‘s last wishes.
It was clear very early on that I would enjoy Cemetery Moon. Beth's strong narrative and character descriptions effectively kept me hooked. I do think that what was most enjoyable about my reading of Cemetery Moon was the way it was crafted by Beth. Her flair and creative style was a real pleasure to read.

In Cemetery Moon, we meet the protagonist Mya. A young woman, who has been completely doted on by her late father. Okay, so yes, what I mean is that she's been somewhat spoiled, and this aspect of her character is evident throughout the novel. There were many times that I wanted to shake her as she can be extremely selfish and rash. This is a testimony to Beth's talent as an author; Mya's character is very believable. I didn't really warm to Mya's character; I was far too frustrated with her to really like her; however, I did understand her. I understood her reactions and her passion. And of course, I understood her attraction to the two men in her life.

I really like the paranormal angle in this novel. It allowed room for excitement, as well as soul searching which was very enjoyable. The novel, approximately half way through, was a little predictable, yet this did not take away from my enjoyment or my desire to reach a conclusion. Once again, I think that it's Beth control over the written language that really pushed me on and kept me absorbed.

Bravo to Beth who has published a well-crafted and very readable novel!

A highly recommended 4 stars!

Sneak Peak

I massaged my temples. Great. Just great. “It’s all moot anyway ‘cause he didn’t bite, so I guess I’m just being petty and resentful. For some reason, I thought he just might be interested in me on that level ‘cause he did ask me out. He certainly didn’t have to. And yeah, all right, sleeping with him may not solve the answer to my deeper emotional problems, but having someone hold you through the night sure as hell can’t hurt.” I took a forceful breath. I didn’t know why I was getting upset with Mercedes. She was absolutely right. She always was. “I really had no business sneaking off on a date and trying to have a good time anyway, considering my situation. I’ve got more important things to think about.”
At that, Mercedes made an exasperated sound. “Sneaking? Mya, listen to yourself. It’s been over a month. You need to dust yourself off. You’re still alive. It’s okay to start living again.”
I smiled in spite of myself. Hadn’t I just been telling myself that earlier? It was more compelling coming from an outside source however. I shifted in my seat.
“Then why do I feel so guilty trying to forget, and just be happy again? Why is it so hard for me? I know it’s been a month, but I can’t seem to get past the idea my father deserves all the grieving I can give him.”
“Oh honey,” Mercedes said with a heavy sigh. “You won’t ever stop grieving. But you need to learn how to live with it. You really think your dad wants you to stay miserable and hurting one minute more? Don’t you think he wants you to be happy again?”
I had to admit it. “Yes. I’m sure he would.” I closed my eyes. “I just don’t think I know how to be happy anymore.” And that was my real problem. “I don’t even know where to begin.”
“Sure you do. Going out tonight was a good start. Even if it didn’t end the way you had hoped.”

ISBN-13  9781453815328
Published by CreateSpace December 3, 2010
258 Pages  6x9 Paperback

Available from:
Amazon US / Amazon UK / Barnes&Noble / Booksamillion 
 and many other online book retailers. 
Also available in ebook format from Smashwords 
Cover art and design by Tony Velarde, Twilight Drop Studio
You can find Beth at the following places:

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