Thursday, 10 May 2012

Review: To Tempt a Werewolf by Jessica Colter

Goodreads Synopsis
It's 1896 in Atlanta and Lila Andrews finds herself out on the streets without a penny to her name. When circumstances place her in the home of Asterot, a demon king, she suddenly finds herself the center of attention. Her reputation in tatters, Lila relies on the demon king to help her land a good husband. Admired by more than one gentleman, she begins falling in love with three young men. But in the end, she must decide on one. With two werewolves and a half-demon fighting over her, who will she choose? With all of them lords, she's a little intimidated. After all, what does the daughter of a merchant have to offer a lord? But in the end, love will guide her in the right direction.
I'm a huge fan of all things supernatural, though I'm not overly found of historical novels; this novel may just have changed my mind!
I was drawn into the historical romance of the novel and had my fill of the supernatural - 'just'! There was lots of action and character development. The relationships between the characters at times were frustrating and a little drawn out; however, the relationships were passionate which almost made up for the frustration!
The werewolf aspect of the novel wasn't really pushed which was a little disappointing. Yet clearly an attempt into the world of supes was there, though really this book was more historical romance than supernatural! Still a pleasant read.

4 stars!
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  1. Great review! This sounds like a great read! I love historical books so this sounds like a no-brainer for me! Thanks so much for telling me about it!!

  2. Thank you Mel. It's definitely worth a read. Thanks for the comment and good luck in the giveaway!


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