Saturday, 19 May 2012

Review: Shade's Loss by Christina Worrell

Goodreads Synopsis
Shade is not your typical teenage girl. Both of her parents are long dead and now all she has is her brother until a nightmarish creature from hell rips him away leaving her in the hands of a cold, old world, vampire assassin. His job as a Tracker is to hunt down rogue and feral immortals and end their existence. Now a teenage, elfin beauty has suddenly tumbled into his sadistically simple life. As he comes ever closer to a thousand years of age he begins to find his self at war with the overlords who fear his unnatural abilities. Fallen and on the run he finds that he must gain a broken girls trust and love before an inevitable war erupts that might just end his immortal life. Can Shade overcome her fears and accept the dark fallen hero?

Shade's Loss is a thoroughly enjoyable read with lots of fast-paced action, sweet, tender moments and several twists and turns. From the moment the book opened, I immediately knew I'd like this book. Kristi Worrell has managed to create the lovely protagonist, Shade, into a believable character that is filled with heartbreaking sorrow, a strong will and at times sheer desperation to succeed. 

Shade's Loss is most definitely an empowering story of a broken young woman's desire and perseverance to overcome the horrendous experiences from her past, and certainly by the end of the book Shade & Christina Worrell nailed it! 

Damon's character, the hot vampire in the book, is pretty divine and equally complex. His character develops and changes throughout the story alongside Shade's. The relationship between the characters at times was a little bit strained, which made it that more believable.  And what was equally refreshing, was that the characters weren't completely swept away with each other and took time to cement their relationship. Again, enter the realism!

Whilst I enjoyed the plot and character development, there were times that I was frustrated by the pace and some of the narrative description and detail; at these times, I had to hold off skimming ahead to the dialogue. This did not however, take away my enjoyment or appreciation of the book. I think that ChristinaWorrell has done an amazing job.

A well-deserved 4 Stars!
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