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Review: Death's Hand (Descent #1) by S.M. Reine

Goodreads Synopsis

Policing relations between Heaven, Hell, and Earth is messy and violent, but Elise Kavanagh and James Faulkner excelled at it-- until coming across a job so brutal that even they couldn't stand to see one more dead body.

Now they've been pretending to be normal for five years, leaving their horrific history a dark secret. Elise works in an office. James owns a business. None of their friends realize they used to be one of the world's best killing teams.

After years of hiding, something stirs. Bodies are vanishing. Demons scurry in the shadows of the night. A child has been possessed.

Some enemies aren't willing to let the secrets of the past stay dead...

It was so very refreshing to read a novel with a strong female protagonist, one that wasn't bogged down by romance. Don't get me wrong, there's an element of romance in Death's Hand, but it didn't drive the story which I really liked.

There are several twists in the plot and some questions remain unanswered; I'm assuming that these will be finally answered in future books in the series! On one hand this kept me reading and built up my anticipation, yet I was also a little frustrated.

Admittedly, it took me a while to warm up to Elise, the protagonist, but once I began to understand her character better, I was supporting her all the way. Elise is
a fighter of demons, an exorcist and a pretty kick ass  warrior.She forms bonds with pretty 'normal' people. These support characters are quirky and I liked how their relationships formed and developed.

This is first book that I've read from S.M Reine. I really liked her writing style and depth and detail that she provides us with when exploring her characters. Death's Hand flows nicely, without any false starts or stutters. She's clearly a talented author and I'll be sure to check out some more of her work.

I wasn't completely satisfied with the ending, but I suppose that once again its intention is to keep me wanting and waiting for more. As a result, I will definitely be buying book two to try to finally get some of those answers!

A very enjoyable 4 stars!
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