Monday, 10 February 2014

Review: Embraced (Enduring Kiss #4) - C.E. Black

Embraced (Enduring Kiss #4)Embraced by C.E. Black
Ann's rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read as a standalone. 

This is a fantastic book. It is an easy read but don’t start reading it too late at night or you will probably end up with a book hangover. It is very difficult to put down.

Sean is a lost wolf. The woman he loves has married another man, and he is heartbroken. To relieve his suffering, he decides to get out of town and have a drink or two, then he meets Sarah. Sarah is a business owner of a bakery called Decadent Delights and her life seems to be going just the way she wants…until she meets Sean at the bar. Instantly there is an overwhelming attraction and she takes him home with her. Hot animalistic sex occurs (pun intended since Sean is a werewolf).

But Sean leaves after one night. He can’t stay because Sarah is human and humans don’t mate with wolves. Two months later, Sarah has a major surprise and goes looking for Sean. And then the fun really begins.

This story has sorrow, angst, anger but also hot sex, love and a fulfilling ending. It’s like chocolate and a bottle of wine to the soul. It makes you feel good and yet, there’s no calories to worry about.

Embraced (Enduring Kiss #4)

4.45 of 5 stars 4.45  ·  rating details  ·  11 ratings  ·  2 reviews
(Though part of the Enduring Kiss Series, this book can be read by itself.)

Lonely and more than a little depressed, Sean finds himself in a small town bar, drinking his sorrows away, knowing the woman he loves will be married the next day to her true mate.

When he meets Sarah, they are both surprised at the intense attraction they share. The night is filled with a passion neither can forget, and Sean becomes confused as to why he's falling for another woman he cannot have. Sarah is human after all, and it's impossible for her to be his mate. One night is all they'll have.

Rogue wolves threaten the small ocean-side town Sean loves, and it's his job to fix the problem. Things don't work as planned, and he's summoned home only to find his worst nightmare. A death of a loved one, brings Sean to his lowest, but when Sarah shows up, he's surprised to find she's not as human as he thought.

Grief and betrayal bring the two lovers back together, though their secretive pasts follow, trying to push them further apart. Sarah must learn to trust Sean, and embrace her true spirit, or Sean may not win the fight against his own demons.

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