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Review: Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Boxed Set - Selena Kitt

Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Boxed Set (10 Book Bundle)Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Boxed Set by Selena Kitt
Stacey's rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ten short stories at one great price. It turned out to be a great way to read stories from authors, some I hadn't heard of. Although not every story was my cup of tea, there are plenty to appeal to all.

It's crappy when you buy books that sound good but once purchased; you regret spending the money and time reading it. Even if is it a cheap book, it adds up when looking for a book you can sink into. This Book Bundle is so worth the money! If you you don't like a story, just go onto another one. There are plenty of stories to choose from and one of the hot alpha males is sure to please.

The Billionaires Muse
This was the opening book of the collection, and although I did enjoy it, I will admit I expected a little more for the first book. The leads in this, I found difficult to connect with; however, the story itself was intriguing and seeing the relationship unfold between them was interesting. The use of art was an inspired idea and this was saved the book from being forgettable.

The CEO and the Girl from the Coffee ShopThis book is the 1st in a series and the second part, The Pleasure in Surrender, is the next in Line. The story centres around Beth, who is struggling to pay her way through college, while working in a coffee shop; the highlight of her day is when Gabriel comes in to buy his coffee (hot as hell). On hearing her problems, he presents her with an offer that she cannot refuse. Yes, it is a story of the billionaire and his maid, but add the steamy scenes and it is a good little read!

Yes, Mr CollinsThis Was an okay read but not one I would rave about. The story just didn't connect with me and lost me in parts. You have the strict, Mr Collins, and Natasha, his secretary, who quite simply I wanted to slap and say `get a grip, omg get a life girl. It just wasn't for me.
But I know a few people who would love this book .

My Rockstar Billionaire
This story was a good one. The start of a great story. Belle, who is on a working vacation, and who has had her confidence knocked by a cheating ex meets the gorgeous Ricky and begins a passionate holiday romance with him with no expectations beyond the here and now living day by day. Ricky is holding some secret back. We can only guess from the title what that may be! Guess if you really want to know. You'd have get the next book.

Heidi and the Kaiser
This was another book that I enjoyed. You have a young woman working in a job she hates in an industry that she loves. Warren Kaiser, who promotes her from her down-and-out position, to his professional and personal secretary. Mr Kaiser is a strict man with special tastes but Heidi finds herself falling for him just the same. However, with the introduction of a person she knew and who had stolen her ideas and is now passing them off as their own work, can their fragile relationship survive what could be seen as Heidi's jealousy? Can Mr Kaiser forget himself and fall for Heidi? Well, you'll have to read it to find out!

Gloria's SecretGloria is a woman with a 15-year-old secret. She is also afraid of losing control of her life and falling for someone. This ideal is shattered upon meeting Jaime Zander! It was a story that had me gripped from the beginning to the end. That's all your getting from me.

Make You MineAgain this was one of my favourites of the collection. You have Daryl, who works for an exclusive matchmaking service, who is close to losing her job when in walks Tevin, a man who could be the answer to all her prayers! What is this man hiding? Can she resist? Does she want to? Read the book for a steamy ride that surely will not disappoint; it certainly didn't disappoint.

Trapped into MarriageThis was one of the books that's my favourites of the collection. You have a returning soldier returning to claim his love, Keyonna, only to have had her move on. To try and convince him of this fact, she throws herself at Nick Vitale, who unbeknownst to her, has a fiancée that he desperately needs in order to secure his inheritance. This is a true Romance. I loved this book.

The Art of Catching a Greek BillionaireThis is an author I adore and her novels always have me either sobbing or laughing, at times both! This start to a series was no exception!
Mairi is a girl who grew up knowing what she wants! What she wants is the HAE; the fact that she wants that with a Greek man, who needs to be a billionaire to boot, is all down to Harlequin romances that she was read as a young girl! I think we can all relate, although my wish was always a handsome Sheikh or a hunky Italian! The dreamy Damen Leventis and Ioniko Vlahos. After the ending of this, I cannot wait for book 2, The Art of Trusting a Greek Billionaire. I'm going to die - loaded the next book now. Another fantastic book by Ms Tee.

What He WantsThis is the beginning of a set of 4 books that can be bought as a bundle (indeed I have already purchased lol!) There is an attraction there but with his sexual preferences frightening her, will she go back for more? (I would!) This book will have you hooked and needing more.

This collection is a must buy for anyone who loves romance with steam included!! There are hours and hours of reading here and I do not doubt that there will be something here to captivate everyone even the most picky person.

My favourites were:
"Trapped into a Marriage"
"The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire"
Some are self contained novellas, like "The CEO and the Girl from the Coffee Shop".

Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Boxed Set (10 Book Bundle)

by   (Goodreads Author) 
Love your book boyfriends filthy rich, devastatingly beautiful & irresistibly bad?

From betrayals and obsessions to secrets and seductions, this exclusive billionaire romance boxed set will possess you and leave you panting for more. Featuring stories from some of today's most popular New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble bestselling authors, including Tawny Taylor, Ava Lore, Selena Kitt, Terry Towers and Anna Antonia.

Grab this sizzling collection before it's too late. Ten scorching billionaire romances, OVER 335,000 total words for ONLY 3.99 cents! LIMITED TIME ONLY! (REGULAR PRICE: $9.99)

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