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Indies Down Under: Cassandra Webb

The Book
The Kemla Saga is something a bit different. It’s an online serial posted a chapter each week on It’s been going for so long now that book 1, LIFE, and book 2, NEW, are also available as paperbacks and ebooks through Amazon. I’ll have both of these with me at Indie Authors Down Under.

Kemla is a teen in a realm where magic is outlawed but slave trading is a legitimate profession. This causes some problems when she’s captured by slave traders and accused of possessing magic. Her life is complicated by a cute slave trader who keeps saving her from beating but won’t let her escape.
In book two Kemla is free in a strange new land. She seeks shelter at the Meadowsblade homestead and meets Orin. Orin’s first reaction is to reach for his sword, but Kemla soon earns his trust and wins his heart.
Book 3 is all about magic, but you’ll have to head over to to read more about that one.


Young adult fantasy. There’s some graphic chapters so the book is recommended for 14+ or mature readers.

Average Rating
4 stars.

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Author Bio
Cassandra Webb is a chocaholic writer from the small coastal village of Narooma, Australia. Writer of children’s and young adult fiction, fantasy and picture books. Cassandra also writes creative non-fiction. She grew up in rural and remote Australia and remembers riding horses, working with helicopters and being homeschooled. Now on the coast with her two children she enjoys the beaches in summer and the nearby snowy mountains in winter.

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Twitter ~ @caswebb1

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