Sunday, 12 January 2014

Review: Born - Tara Brown

Born (Born, #1)Born by Tara Brown
Danielle's rating: 4.5 of 5 stars 

Honestly, as soon as I started reading this, I just couldn’t put it down.

Emma lives in a world where it is everyone for themselves, she has had to fight for her survival and she’s the best at what she does. When she finds herself with no choice but to take care of two new arrivals, she discovers that she might actually just be able to rely on other people too.

Leo is the first male she’s had contact with in years and she finds herself immediately drawn to him, but then she meets his brother Will.

Will brings a whole new set of feelings that she doesn’t really know what to do with and with very real danger around every corner, she doesn’t have time to figure things out either. There are secrets and lies surrounding everyone and most people don’t know the true story behind everything that’s happened to the world.

I was so taken by everything to do with Emma’s story, I may have received the ARC of ‘Born’ – but I bought the others in the trilogy straight after!
"It's us and them, Em. There are no regular people anymore."

Ten years ago when the world ended she ran for her life.

Five weeks ago the world she'd hidden from came knocking on the door of her secluded cabin.

Ten days ago she found salvation hiding amongst the dead.

Yesterday she went back for the living.

Today she wonders if she will live to see tomorrow.

What do you do when the world you were born to is gone?

Where do you hide when even your own body isn't safe?

Emma ran when her daddy told her to. She hid like he said she should. He was the first person she turned her back on. The first one she let die.
Ten years has gone by and she still lives by the simple rules he taught her when she was nine years old.

"Don't help anyone. Don't go where other people are unless you have to. Trust no one. Always pull the trigger."

Until one night she hears the worst sound in the world, a knock. A simple, timid knock, on the door to her cabin.
Only the voice of the brave little girl, ready to die for her brother, persuades Emma to open the door.
As her fingers turn the lock, she has a terrible feeling she will regret her decision.
But even as regret fills her world, so do love and companionship. Things she never imagined she would ever have again.

Everything comes at a cost, you decide what you'll pay.

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