Sunday, 1 December 2013

Review: Promises, Lies & Pictures - Tiffany Carmouché

Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 5 Fairies

Pictures, Lies & Promises is a tension-fuelled read. Readers will be held captive by the world and drama that Tiffany Carmouche creates. The epic suspense, teamed with a whole lot of heat, transforms this amazing series into a scorching-hot read.

Book four in the Alaskan Heart Saga pushes forward beautifully. We continue to see the characters evolve and develop, and spend more time with a few secondary characters too. This helps to make Pictures, Lies & 
Promises a fast-paced and exciting read. Just as the author provides hints and clues for significant developments, she rips the carpet from under our feet, so that we're left wondering how the heck that happened.

She really pushes her characters in book four. This successfully ensures that Pictures, Lies & Promises maintains fresh and pushing forward.

I am still team Dylan all the way, and am excited to discover what the author has in store for book five. A fabulous romantic suspense.

Pictures, Lies & Promises is the fourth book in The Alaskan Heart Saga. The pictures in Nicole’s mind are paving her way to a future filled with promises and hope but with a relentless serial killer hot on her trail, will she be able to weave her way through the web of lies set out before her? As Dylan and Bradley continue to hide Nicole and her daughter, they find survival is more than just existence. Surrendering all that they thought was important, they promise to protect the two girls, no matter what the cost. In risking it all, they learn what it means to live, but do they have what it takes to stay alive?

If you've yet to read this series, be sure to start with book one, The Impostor. 

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