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Escape Publishing Birthday Bash & Giveaway: Scarlett Dawn

We're so excited to be apart of Escape Publishing's birthday. We'll be featuring FIVE of Escape Publishing's amazing New Adult authors who have so generously spent the time writing lovely posts for you all, giving you the opportunity to let you get to know them better.
What's more is we have a fabulous giveaway for you all too!

Today - day two - we're featuring one of my absolute favourite NEW Adult author's; the bloody fabulous Scarlett Dawn. Both books are 5 fabulous fairies, with one of them maybe even finding a spot in my best of 2013! Enjoy her post and have fun entering the giveaway.
Hi! My name’s Scarlett Dawn.
I’m quirky. Creative. Smiley-faced. Optimistic. Bizarre in my own right.
I’m also the author of the international bestselling novel, King Hall. I write new adult fantasy, a crossover from new adult contemporary. My writing still has the “chaos” elements that I love in new adult, but with a paranormal/fantasy twist. Plus, a naughty villain. You gotta have one of those! 
King Hall is the first novel of the Forever Evermore Trilogies, with King Cave slated for January 1, 2014.
It’s just so crazy to think my second novel is about to be published. I thought when King Hall debuted that it went by crazy-fast. King Cave seems set to surpass that! Whew. Hike your drawers up…go!
People have often asked me what songs inspired me to write King Hall.
There wasn’t a whole list of songs. There was just one.
E.T. by Katy Perry and Kanye West.
Anyone who has read King Hall will understand the song fits a certain…*ahem*…Prodigy Vampire. Yum.
Did I mention ‘yum’? Let’s make that: yum-mmm-may. With a grunt.
*slow blink…chokes on laugh* Ladies! I cannot concentrate with all that pelvic-thrustin’ going on! 
Thank you. I know. You all call dibs on Ezra. Me too.
So…would y’all like to know some of my favorite authors? (I’ll tell ya anyway)
My top three authors would be:
Nalini Singh. Just…whoa. Double whoa. And, hell yeah…
Jennifer Estep – seriously - kicks Elemental-ass. She gives good assassin.
Chloe Neill is amazeballs with the Vamps. Helllooo, Ethan.
I think I’ve said enough to show my cray-cray world. Um…wait!
I adore my fans! I adore my characters! And I adore my publisher, EscapePublishing, for giving me a shot! And I really do adore my copy editor for putting up with me!
If you haven’t read King Hall yet, take a peek into the Mystical world. You might just enjoy it…*wink*


King Hall

eRRP: AU$5.99
  • About the book
A fresh, meaty, sink-your-teeth-in-and-hold-on-tight new adult fantasy series kicks off with King Hall…

King Hall — where the Mysticals go to learn their craft, get their degrees, and transition into adulthood. And where four new Rulers will rise and meet their destinies.

Lily Ruckler is adept at one thing: survival. Born a Mystical hybrid, her mere existence is forbidden, but her nightmare is only about to start. Fluke, happenstance, and a deep personal loss finds Lily deeply entrenched with those who would destroy her simply for existing — The Mystical Kings. Being named future Queen of the Shifters shoves Lily into the spotlight, making her one of the most visible Mysticals in the world. But with risk comes a certain solace — her burgeoning friendships with the other three Rulers: a wicked Vampire, a wild-child Mage, and a playboy Elemental. Backed by their faith and trust, Lily begins to relax into her new life.

Then chaos erupts as the fragile peace between Commoners and Mysticals is broken, and suddenly Lily realises the greatest threat was never from within, and her fear takes on a new name: the Revolution.
~ courtesy of Escape Publishing’s website

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