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Paranormal Pumpkin Patch Spotlight w/ Giveaway: J.L. Vallance

"Son of a bitch, I'm getting tired of this demon bull shit. Fine, are you ready? Because if he is a Cruciatum and the fucker zaps me, I swear on all that is Holy, I will cause you bodily harm."
In need of a paranormal/fantasy series that kicks butt with style this Halloween? Then look no further. J.L Vallance's The Guild Series is a series not to be scoffed at. With the novella, Corruption of the Soul, to be released later on this year, you'd be crazy not to fall in love with this amazing urban fantasy series.
Heat, action and intrigue awaits you!
Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 fairies
Destruction of the Soul, book three, provides a pretty epic read. There's a whole array of twist, turns and wtf moments! I was caught up with the action from the moment that Vivienne bravely took on the next journey in this fabulous series.

The author successfully kept me engaged, and allowed a greater insight into the characters. At the same time, she pushes her characters into realms unknown, constantly forcing them to reassess their version of the truth or the truth around them.

I loved Linux in this book. Maybe even a little more than Vivienne in book three. His character really pushed boundaries, making him a fun and dangerous character to follow. The relationship dynamics were successfully explored, enabling me to engage with the novel, and course ensured that I am hooked and desperately awaiting the next installment.


“There is more at stake in Aedan’s war than any of you realize.”
Vivienne Drake is lost.

She’d let every one of her walls down, finally allowing others into her guarded circle, and all it brought her was pain and devastation. Now, out of fear and desperation, she’s turning to the one being she believes will be truthful with her; the only being that’s dared to give her anything resembling an honest answer--Linux, The Cruciatum.

The Daemonium is dangerous and mysterious, and offering Vivienne things that she’s been begging for. He offers her a chance at discovering what lies just beyond her reach. Though his motives remain far from clear, there is something within him that Vivienne is drawn to. And she wants nothing more than to believe in him, to believe in the things he tells her.

Together, they uncover details of Aedan’s plans, and discover what he intends to use his daughter for. Vivienne learns that she carries within her a destructive darkness, that if she allows, will consume her, and destroy the goodness she contains.

Fighting an endless battle against lies and deception, Vivienne must find the strength within herself to remain on a virtuous path. She’ll be forced to overcome pain and obstacles in order to discover the truth of just how deep the deceit runs within The Guild.

Can she remain above the darkness for the sake of Humanity and herself, or will she allow it to devour her light and destroy her soul?


Corruption of the Soul
A Guild Series Novella
Release Date: December 10, 2013

It's a story that's been told since the dawn of time.  Boy meets girl.

They fall madly in love, for happiness is written in the stars. Their one true fate is to have happily ever after at their fingertips.
But what if it's not?
What if every chance encounter is really a carefully orchestrated meeting  pushing you toward a greater purpose? A purpose that you've spent your entire  existence fighting against?
Boy meets girl. 

They fall madly in love. 

But they'll never come close to happily ever after, for pain and devastation is what is truly written as their destiny. All he wants is to feel power and all she wants is to feel complete.

Together, Aedan and Evangeline create a love big enough to bring about the  destruction of Humanity, as well as themselves.
Corruption of the Soul, (The Guild Series #0.5)
Fall in love with this series by one-clicking book one Deep into the Soul

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