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Paranormal Pumpkin Patch Day Fifteen w/ Giveaway - Felicity Heaton

He drew in a long shaky breath and pressed his brow against the side of her head. "You smell so good... such a temptation."

He wanted her. Her knees weakened beneath her, legs going slack at the feel of him pressed against her back, his hands firm on her body. Covet (Vampirerotique #1) by Felicity Heaton

I have been a fan of Felicity Heaton's for a couple of years now. This amazing author keeps going from strength to strength; her latest work always astounds me and takes her skill to new heights and levels of sophistication. I'm so excited that Felicity is our DAY FIFTEEN feature author. We're sharing our review of book one, Covet, which is currently FREE. A hot, sassy and fun book. Be sure to check out the range of Felicity's work.  

Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 4 out of 5 Fairies
As book one in a series, Covet effectively establishes a collection of characters, ones that make me eager to follow and get to know better. It establishes the theatre setting effectively and sets the marker for the level of heat that we can expect from this series. And Covet is one hot sexy book!

The characters are passionate and likeable. Javier, one of the vampire elite, and Lilah, a human bonded to a powerful vampire, explore forbidden passion and love. They navigate their feelings for one another initially with hesitation, until their passion takes over and their need for one another is too much to contain: consequences be damned!

Covet is well crafted with controlled and developed dialogue; dialogue that gets the blood pumping and the reader needing a very cold shower. The sex scenes are extremely sexy and graphic, hence the need for a cold shower! The character interaction was very sweet and moving at times, with clear feelings being established and developed between the two main characters.

The storyline overall was fairly simplistic, but clear and easy to follow. There’s an effective twist toward the end of the book; I liked how this was developed and included. It also effectively convinced me to purchase Crave which is book two in the series.

***update*** I have since read the entire rest of this series. This series has gone from strength to strength, with the average rating received being a glorious 5 fairies. 
They’ve burned for each other for two years, the forbidden attraction between them growing each night. Now resisting the sinful desires of their hearts is becoming impossible.

Javier knows better than to succumb to his hunger for Lilah. The mortal female belongs to a powerful aristocrat patron of Vampirerotique, the theatre he runs with three other vampires. A single touch is all it would take to break the sacred law of his kind, sentencing himself to death, but his passion for her has become too fierce to ignore and he will risk everything to make Lilah his.

Lilah has fought her desire for Javier since arriving at his theatre as a servant but each glance he has stolen, his eyes promising pleasure that will satisfy her longing for him, has chipped away at her defences and she can no longer deny her need and her forbidden feelings for the powerful vampire male.

When they find themselves alone in a private box during one of the erotic performances, will they surrender to their passion and live out their wildest fantasies in a night of wicked pleasure or will the threat of Lilah’s master keep them apart forever?

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Her Angel: Her Dark Angel /... Her Dark Angel Her Fallen Angel Her Warrior Angel Her Guardian Angel Her Demonic Angel Her Wicked Angel
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Covet Crave Seduce Enslave Bewitch Unleash

In Heat Mating Call
In Heat (2 books) 
3.7964071856287425 of 5 stars

Slave Princess Runaway Hearts Fight For Love Sons of Lyra: Science Ficti... Stranded
Sons of Lyra (5 books) 
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Heart of an Emperor Heart of a Mercenary Heart of a Prince Heart of a Commander Daughters of Lyra: Science ... Heart of an Assassin
Daughters of Lyra (6 books) 
4.246105919003115 of 5 stars

Shadow and Light Trilogy (1 book) 
4.0881057268722465 of 5 stars

Forbidden Blood
Vampire Venator (1 book) 
4.212121212121212 of 5 stars 

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