Sunday, 8 September 2013

Review: Revelation of Blood - JL McCoy

Reviewer: Justine
Rating: 4 out of 5 Fairies

Revelation of Blood is book 5 of the Skye Morrison Vampire Series, as with all long running series’s u eventually hit what I call the Filler Book. Now don’t freak, this is a good thing! A Filler Book dose just that. It FILLS in the gaps, answers plaguing questions, and usually give the reader a feeling of conclusion to this current phase of the main characters life in order to move on to the next.

Revelation felt like a Filler Book to me. Book 5 gave us a little less action and naughtiness and a LOT more answers, understanding, and emotional healing. The timing seemed perfect, after the first 4 books I was starting to feel a bit angsty for answers. JL McCoy was able to smoothly sooth this with an informative and resolving story line.

Now comes the downer. Miss McCoy is no stranger to leaving us swinging off her Mt. Everest of cliffhangers, but this time was different. Of course she gave us her usual slow, sweet, suspenseful build and an epic climax (no, the book related type, not the naughty kind! Really you all have filthy minds! Just another reason to love you all.*Winks*), but THAT WAS IT!!! I felt no ending, no conclusion; it was action, drama, fighting then nothing! I hit the last page and had a major WTF! tantrum!

Due to this extreme ending or lack of, I'm giving a series that is dear to me and has never gotten less than a 4.5 from me a 4 frustrated fairies! All that said, Miss McCoy has never had me as anxious for the next installment of the Sexy Skye and her steamy antics!

After nearly dying in the battle with the monster Amun, newborn vampire Skye Morrison is more than ready to begin a peaceful life with mate Archer Rhys and their family.

Burdened with guilt by her unresolved relationship with Jameson, Skye tries desperately to mend what was broken and regain their friendship while in Boston for her Sacred Vow Ceremony. A man from Skye's past comes forward and, as the missing pieces are revealed, will she finally feel complete or is she being set up for more heartbreak?

With Skye consumed by the changes in her personal life, a surprising new enemy emerges to take control . Will the unlikely union of her vampire family and werewolf friends be enough to defeat this new threat? 

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