Thursday, 26 September 2013

Book Spot & Giveaway: Divided - Livia Jamerlan

Alani LaBelle has it all, great job, amazing friends, and a loving fiancé. Traveling to Las Vegas with her girl friends for her bachelorette party was suppose to be a fun girls weekend. She never expected on her last night in Las Vegas her path would cross with an extremely sexy and kind hearted gentlemen named Ryan Kraft. Who is also generous, thoughtful and enigmatic. Their sexual chemistry unexpected and undeniable. Though it is only a few hours they share she feels a connection with him. Thinking it may be cold feet she brushes it off and tries to focus on Marco and impending nuptials.

Days before her wedding days she calls it off as her world gets ripped apart.
Needing to escape her reality she travel to Grand Forks North Dakota the place Ryan is from. She tries to convince herself and her friends that she isn't going there for him, but she is relived when there paths cross again.

A friendship between Ryan and Alani grows rapidly. Innocent at first but always pushing for more. As she is ready to come home, their friendship take a turn when Ryan asks her to stay with him. As they journey together in a new relationship Alani has to adapt to life in a new city, new job, as well as dealing with Ryan's ex girlfriend Stephanie who is waiting for the perfect moment to get Ryan back.

Will Marco let Alani walk away from him or will he find a way to make her stay? Will Alani's love for Ryan be enough for her to stay with him through turmoil. Will Ryan have room in his heart for her love? Will he have time for their blossoming relationship. Only time will tell.

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