Thursday, 22 August 2013

Review: Windows of the Soulless - Olivia Owens

Reviewer: Sarah Jane
Rating: 5 out of 5 Fairies
Windows of the Soulless is about a man who constantly tries to be human, even as a vampire and always aims to do the right thing. However, he has and does have a terrible time with tragedy.

I thought this book seemed really dark to begin with, but I still persevered, and to be honest, it was nothing like I thought. It was deep and thrilling, and I swear, I had it open for two days straight. I love how the main character tries to keep his good manners and breeding in place from his human life, even though he's old as dirt. This book is defo a must read for all you folks out there who want a good vamp story that's nothing like Twilight.

Neither purely good nor darkly evil, Nicolas Rider struggles to find a balance between the human he was and the vampire he is now. But somewhere in the midst of the constant sarcastic bickering with a rival vampire, protecting his best friend, and fighting off werewolves along with the more dangerous nomadic vampires, he manages to fall for the only vampire he is not meant to be with. Young and naive, she is off limits yet something draws him to her, compelling him to hold her as his lips yearn to touch hers. And despite knowing the dangers that getting too close to her would surely bring to the family, he finds himself ignoring the risks and savoring how good making the wrong choices can feel.

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