Monday, 22 July 2013

Review: Eternity - Kim Carmichael

Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 3 out of 5 Fairies
Eternity was a sweet and sexy read. I enjoyed reading it and absorbed it quickly.

The characters, Therin and Lucy, are likeable characters and easy to follow. There's lots of mystery and an attempt at a back story surrounding both of these characters, especially Therin's, that's never fully divulged or explored which was a shame; this held the characters from fully developing or me really appreciating all that Therin had experienced.

There was just enough meat on the characters for me to appreciate this novella for its sweetness. At times it was sexy, although, I felt that the novella only just ventured into the realm of erotica.

If you're a newbie into the world of erotica and enjoy paranormal reads, Eternity is a pretty perfect starting point. Likewise, more seasoned readers of both genres will no doubt enjoy Eternity and get a nice romance fix in a quick and enjoyable read.
Therin Athan faces a choice…eternal salvation or eternal damnation.

After centuries of pining away for a love never realized, Therin's last assignment as a Cupid depends on helping the lonely, shy Lucy Carlton. The mission's success or failure will determine where he is transferred. He can study the heavens or be condemned to hell.

Lucy Carlton spent her life searching the stars for answers, but finds them in the form of a gorgeous man who comes in her dreams. Therin shows her the joys of physical pleasure and encourages her to try to find love. She wakes with a new found confidence, but soon her timid nature takes over and she retreats back to the comfort of her home…alone.

With only a week to decide his fate, Therin breaks every rule. What starts as a job to save himself, becomes a love that can never be…except maybe in eternity.

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