Friday, 14 June 2013

Review: Price of Justice - Alan Brenham

Reviewer: Charlee
Rating: 5 out of 5 Fairies
I honestly couldn't wait to start reading Price of Justice. I love a good crime thriller; however, I often find myself disappointed by boring storylines and nothing to grip me. BUT, I have to say, this book was awesome! It's well written with plenty going on to keep my brain busy. 

Following the story of a cop, Jason Scarsdale is trying to adjust to life following the death of his beloved wife, while struggling to be everything his little girl needs him to be, and still catch the sickos on the street, of which there are many! Scarsdale finds a friend in the form of Dani, who also works at the precinct, and together, with his daughter, Shannon, they get on like a house on fire. 

But Dani has secrets of her own and could unwittingly bring a whole world of trouble to Scarsdale and Shannon. Scarsdale must do what is best for Shannon despite breaking his own, and Shannon's heart by doing it.

Fighting custody battles with his mother-in-law, Scarsdale's world is ripped apart once again when the ring of paedophiles he is chasing threaten his precious daughter. Shannon is all Scarsdale has left, but can he protect his little girl? A very well deserved 5 stars!
Corruption, deception, revenge and murder abound when a high profile murder investigation in Austin, Texas, begins to spin out of control. For Detective Jason Scarsdale and police crime analyst Dani Mueller, the consequences of failure are unimaginable. When his beloved daughter, Shannon, is abducted by the killer and Mueller is taken hostage, will Scarsdale continue to play by the rules?

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