Friday, 7 June 2013

Review: Little 15 - Stephanie Saye

Reviewer: Charlee
Rating: 4 out of 5 Fairies
Little 15, well, what can I say? This is a book that will make you experience every emotion available as you follow the story of Lauren, a 15 year old basketball player, through a horrific time in her life.

Seeing the story written through her eyes, reading the feelings that she has laid bare for us to see, almost makes you feel like you've been caught snooping through the girl's journal. Truly betrayed by someone who was meant to protect her, Lauren has to experience things that no 15 year old should, and without the support of her family. 

Pushed too hard by her dad, ignored by her mum and disliked by her older sister, Lauren feels she has no place to turn when she finds herself in an unimaginable situation. Helped by someone she barely knows, Lauren must stop her secret from getting out, and her future depends on it. 

I have nothing but praise for this book, written exactly how I would expect a fifteen year old to write, making me experience a fifteen year old's emotions, this book is a harsh reality.
Fifteen-year-old Lauren Muchmore is an ordinary run-of-the-mill teenager who always plays by the rules. But this good girl is hiding a dark secret.Lauren's father has a dream for her. Unfortunately, it is not the same dream Lauren has for herself. One morning during her freshman year of high school, her father invites a coach from a prestigious local Catholic high school to tell her the supposed good news-she is enrolling at Saint Agnes in the fall and leaving her old school behind. Seemingly destined for greatness on the basketball court-at least, in her father's eyes-Lauren reluctantly begins a coming-of-age journey through guilt, innocence, and betrayal that soon leads her straight into a disastrous, forbidden love affair with her basketball coach, a man nearly twice her age. In a world riddled by dysfunctional family relationships, drama, and competitive basketball, Lauren and her coach soon realize they are about to challenge not only Catholic morality, but also to shake the very foundation of some of society's most deep-rooted beliefs.

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