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Book Spotlight: Poetry Collections by Paticia Neely Dorsey


Reflections and Magnolia Memories by Patricia Neely-Dorsey
Poetry Collections
Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia

- A Life In Poems by Patricia Neely-Dorsey
Publication date: February 22, 2008
Publisher: Granthouse Publishers

Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life in Poems is a true celebration of the south and things southern. The author states, "There are so many negative connotations associated with Mississippi and the south in general. In my book, using childhood memories, personal thoughts and dreams, I attempt to give a positive glimpse into the southern way of life." The book has been called, among other things, a poetic love letter to the south and a poetic autobiography. The author invites readers to Meet Mississippi Through Poetry Prose and The Written Word. 

My Magnolia Memories and Musings
by Patricia Neely-Dorsey
Publication date: February 17, 2012

In Magnolia Memories and Musings, Patricia Neely-Dorsey continues to "Celebrate the South and Things Southern". Her first collection of poems, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia was called by one reviewer, a "love letter to the South". With Magnolia Memories and Musings, the love affair continues. Using personal thoughts ,observations, and childhood memories, the author attempts to give a up close and positive view into the southern way of life.

Where to Purchase Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia 
My Magnolia Memories

The Author
Patricia's Website / Facebook

My name is Patricia Neely-Dorsey. I am a 1982 graduate of Tupelo High School in Tupelo, Mississippi... located in the beautiful red clay "Hills" of Mississippi..and yes, the birthplace of Elvis Presley. I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. After living for almost 20 years in Memphis, Tennessee, working in the mental health field, I returned to my hometown in August 2007. My first book of poetry, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia- A Life In Poems was published in February, 2008 (Grant House Publishers). My second book , My Magnolia Memories and Musings -In Poems was published in February 2012.

I currently live in Tupelo with my husband James,son Henry,and Miniature Schnauzer, Happy. I am a proud, active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.,an avid reader and passionate writer.

I have always considered myself a "Goodwill Ambassador" for Mississippi and the south. In college my nicknames were Tupelo and Mississippi. Whenever my friends saw me coming, they knew that there would be some type of discourse about Mississippi and the south soon to follow...hoping to clear up their many misconceptions and preconceived notions. ...Yes, we DO have shoes in Mississippi.We might not wear them all of the time...but we do have them!(LOL)
I believe that we can bridge many gaps of misunderstanding across regional, racial, cultural, generational and economic lines by simply telling/sharing our stories. Miguel Algarin said, "When I see what you see, the distance between us disappears."

I travel all around my state speaking at schools, churches, libraries and various civic organizations, delivering the message of a positive Mississippi and a positive southern experience....According to me, one of the best places to live in ALL of the world is POSITIVELY MISSISSIPI !!! (smile)

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